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Onboard with the Sun in Gemini
Aligning yourself with Life's natural flow

by Rebecca Brents


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Turning up the intellectual heat

The transiting Sun is in Gemini from about May 19 to June 20 every year. The exact day and time changes each year because the moment of change -- from Taurus to Gemini in the beginning ... and from Gemini to Cancer at the end ... depends on the Sun's position in the Zodiac, not the artificial devices of human-made clocks and calendars.

(An astrological calendar will keep you abreast of these shifts and events. If you follow astrology at all, you'll want to invest in one. Personally, I recommend Jim Maynard's Pocket Astrologer ... available from Quicksilver Productions ... or, of course from Amazon.com or your favorite local metaphysical bookstore. Look for them around the first of the year. They tend to go fast.)

The arrival of the Sun in Gemini brings a faster pace and a whimsical beat, compared to the leisurely, earthy moods of The Sun in Taurus. The Sun in Gemini perks up your mind, invites new ideas and shows you a smorgasbord of new interests to take up and study. Where The Sun in Taurus is sensual and hedonistic ... and, ok, a little bit lazy, The Sun in Gemini is cerebral and restless. Data management and communication are his fortes -- and he always has a wealth of material to work with, which suits him just fine.



Perked up and ready to rock

Under the Gemini Sun, you think more, read more, talk more ... and learn more. Everyone does, whether they know it or not. Time is always of the essence now, so Gemini moves quickly -- and multi-tasks like a champ. Your mind may feel jittery and electric -- like it's trying to handle ten thoughts at once ... and you won't spend time on projects or topics that don't engage your attention real fast.

Boredom feels like torture, and to ward it off, you'll have a whole bunch of schemes and ventures going. If you hit a dry spell on one, it gives you more time to work on another. You practically fizz with ambition and energy -- and if something gets left undone for a while, it's just raw material for the next time you need to arrange your own entertainment.

Expect to start projects and "stuff" that winds up sitting on your crafts table, garage floor -- or in the back of your mind -- unfinished when The Sun moves into Cancer and your interest and nervous energy move on. There will be more Gemini moments next year -- or maybe even this year -- and if it's important, somewhere down the line you'll find a way to rekindle the spark and take the thing up again.


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Two sides to the story ...

Gemini is sometimes seen as a body with two spirits. After all, it's the sign of the Twins. Multiples are another Gemini specialty. And so, Gemini has an angelic side and a devilish one for people who get to know it ... better. (It's hard to say you ever know a Gemini well. They don't stay in one place that long.)

The light side of Gemini has a great sense of humor, makes wonderful conversation, knows a little bit about everything on earth -- and can tell you plenty about what's going on in the world. He's fun to be around, fun to know, fun to listen to. He'll even hold up your end of the conversation so you can't wedge a word in if you tried.

The darker side of the Gemini soul can be scattered and absent-minded, wrung out and constantly running on empty. Adrenaline is like a drug he doesn't know how to quit ... and simply can't turn off. The shape-shifting moods can be almost scary ... and the inability to make a decision (and stick with it) is infuriating if you depend on this creature somehow. He can argue both sides of a question, see situations from a dozen points of view, and overthink every choice he's called on to make. The upshot is ... he's stuck, paralyzed, immobile -- and miserable.



And it's contagious

It frazzles your own nerves to be around him. When you finally get away, it takes a while to quiet the buzzing in your ears. (It's the synapses of your own brain firing so fast.) But you'll also be full of your own ideas ... and ready to overextend yourself. It's part of Gemini's atmosphere. Go with the flow; don't fight the feeling.

But understand that the schemes and designs that bloom in your imagination watered and fed by this turbo-charged intellect will always run lots faster ... and lots smoother there ... than ones you try in real life. Geminis, frankly, are used to that. It's a way of life with them. And if some obsessive side of you needs a lesson in how to dabble, experiment, mess around, take something up and then let it go ... for a long long time, let this energy be your teacher. You may wind up a more relaxed, well-rounded person. Whatever happens, it won't be dull.


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