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The Sun
Physics, Metaphysics and Myth
Part 1

by Rebecca Brents




Scientists consider our Sun a pretty "ordinary star." There's nothing particularly unique, strange, bizarre or even interesting about it. It's a star. It shines. And there are more than 100 BILLION more of them in our Milky Way galaxy alone. Still, without this "ordinary" Sun, life on Earth would not exist. We wouldn't be here. You wouldn't be reading this; I wouldn't be writing it. So maybe that makes it interesting to us.

The Sun is by far the largest object in the Solar System, containing more than 99.8% of the total mass of the Solar System. Jupiter, the largest planet in orbit around the Sun, contains most of the rest. On that scale, the Earth contributes hardly anything, so by that measure we're even less important -- to anyone but ourselves.


sun glyph


In Astrology, the Sun represents your central ego, your sense of identity, your consciousness of yourself as a physical and spiritual entity. It also symbolizes things like your willpower, your ambitions, your sense of purpose. It gives information about how you express yourself, how you see yourself -- and how others see you, too.

It is central to the philosophical questions ... who are you and why are you here? What are you here to learn? What are you here to accomplish? How will you go about meeting this challenge ... and fulfilling this mission? In a horoscope, these matters are fundamentally important -- and the Sun, its sign, house location, assets and liabilities, is the starting point in the search for answers ... and finding them.


Statue of the god Apollo


There is a whole parade of Sun deities ... gods and goddesses ... in mythology. Virtually every ancient culture had one. The Egyptians had Ra -- the Sun god who was "believed to rule in all parts of the created world, the sky, the Earth and the underworld." (Source: Wikipedia) He was also credited with creating all forms of life ... so, clearly he had plenty of power and influence, and was worshiped as such.

Sol was the Roman sun god, and Helios his Greek counterpart. Both cultures assimilated the notion of Apollo, the twin brother of Artemis to the Greeks ... or Diana to the Romans. Apollo had dominion over many things other than the Sun -- archery, music, prophecy, poetry -- but his main visibility was as the driver of the fiery Sun chariot as it blazed its way daily through the sky.


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The Sun in Astrology

* Your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign -- Just What's Going On Here? ---> Three ways of defining you ... The short answer to this question is: Your Sun sign tells about your basic ego, your Moon sign tells about you emotional inner self, and your Ascendant tells about your outer presentation to the rest of the world.

* Introducing the Sun -- What it means in plain English ---> Getting started ---> Unless you've lived under a rock all your life, there's a good chance you've at least met some very basic ideas from Astrology, one of which is apt to be your Sun Sign. This is the Zodiac sign you name when someone asks, "What's your sign?" and you answer, "I'm a Cancer." or "I'm a Virgo." or "I'm a Sagittarius."

* What Does The Sun Represent -- in Your Natal Chart? -- What is it ... and why is it important? ---> The center of everything ---> The Sun is the unmistakable center of our Solar System. Likewise, the Sun is your horoscope, with its sign placement and house position, describes the core essence of your character. It reveals the character traits you will use to express yourself, explore the world, have impact on your surroundings, learn what you need to know and accomplish the work you came here to do.

* What The Sun in Your Natal Chart -- Reveals About You -- The center of your horoscope / -- the center of your personality ---> The Sun ... it's just the beginning ---> Despite its powerful influence in familiar mainstream astrology, The Sun in your horoscope gives a whole lot more information to an astrologer than simply the characteristics associated with its sign. It also describes a whole lot more than just your basic temperament ... the cluster of traits people recognize (and possibly list) when they think and talk about you.


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