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Your Sun Sign Is Not the Whole Story
Not by a long shot

by Annabelle Leigh


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Your Sun Sign is easy to find

Most popular Astrology ... especially the "daily horoscope" in the newspaper and the ubiquitous booklets sold in drugstores and newsstands ... concentrate exclusively on Sun Sign Astrology, for obvious reasons.

It's supposedly very easy to know what a person's Sun Sign is ... and most of the time, that's true. A quick glance at a table of dates will tell a person what dates to consider for each sign ... and if his birthday falls between two sets of numbers ... voila. There's his Sun Sign designation.

Okay, those pesky transition points between one sign and the next -- called "cusps" -- can be annoying, but that's not a common enough hitch to disturb most folks' smooth sailing trip on calm seas to a solid answer for that more than cliche question ... "What's your sign?"



But there's more to know

Only when you learn astrology enough to appreciate its marvelous complexity and meaning do you realize how clumsy these dates of demarcation can be ... and how "cusp born people," far from being an annoyance to those who want quick, easy answers and simple rules to follow, are really some of the most complex and interesting souls on the planet. Then you understand how much dimestore astrology is like using an axe to cut a wedding cake ... and not being pleased with the results. You think to yourself ... "Well, of course!!"

It honestly doesn't take much in the way of "education" to do a better job. A person with just a bit more knowledge than the bare basics of Astrology can look at the tools being used to provide information to the mainstream and see why it's no wonder a great many people think this marvelous craft of wisdom and insight is really a mishmash of hokum and silliness.

Sure, if you take a photograph of the most beautiful woman alive, slice out a segment that shows literally less than 3% of her and show it to folks ... most of them are going to wonder what all the fuss is about. They won't see a gorgeous damsel. They'll see something odd, distorted ... and pretty unimpressive!



Sun Sign readings do pretty well ... considering

What is impressive, actually is that Sun Sign Astrology does as well as it does in describing people and their characters under conditions even amateur astrologers would call crippling limitations.

Viewed that way, it's an amazing testament to the power and wisdom of Astrology itself. And what's equally amazing is that a description of the characteristics assigned to a person's Moon sign will give equally valid, recognizable, and important information about him ... sometimes even pointing to qualities that overshadow or completely contradict the characteristics of his Sun Sign. (Because people are complex and inconsistent creatures.)

In the same way that some spices can overpower others in cooking, so can some powerful sign qualities in Astrology. No surprise there. Often family members will relate to the description of someone through his Moon Sign qualities more readily than the catalogue of his Sun Sign traits while people who know him when he is "out and about" in the world ... will see the Sun Sign persona more clearly.

(And casual acquaintances are more apt to relate to the qualities described by his Rising Sign or Ascendant. So right there you have three possible "personalities" any given spirit can choose to show at any given time. What a show of versatility!!)



It reveals a lot

Far from being a pseudo-science that doesn't work as its detractors charge, Astrology is more often a body of knowledge that works too well ... when someone knows what he's doing. It's the critic's lack of knowledge that's the problem. (And certainly there are humans are known for opening their mouths and making pronouncements before they have anything useful to say. Somewhere, that "talent" will be on display in his horoscope. No doubt.)

If you're assembling a puzzle ... and enough pieces are missing to leave the subject of the picture in question ... it doesn't call into question the value of puzzles as an art form. But somehow Astrology is plastered with the labels of sham and nonsense ... under arguably similar conditions. Hardly a fair judgment. But still it happens.

One of the most valuable (not to mention "fair") things you can do before rendering judgment about the overall value of Astrology is to find a person's Moon Sign (or your own ... even better!!) and consider those qualities alongside those of his traditional Sun Sign, blending the two in your mind and imagination, the way you might colors on a palette or canvas if you were an artist -- and consider how well this might describe the person's character. This is what astrologers do, after all ... juggling far more than just two elements in the complex picture of a person's character as seen through the sky-map of their horoscope.

A discussion of someone's Moon Sign can truly be revealing, for the Moon qualities can be as important as the Sun qualities in accurately outlining a person's nature and describing who he is.



The Moon Sign is another piece of the puzzle

Some astrologers call the Moon Sign the "missing dimension" in mainstream astrology ... which may be oversimplifying things way too much, but, yes, the Moon Sign is certainly a powerful element to consider when describing the person depicted in a horoscope ... and certainly when evaluating Astrology's worth in conveying information.

The third component that can give at least a rough outline of the temperament of the Native ... whose character is drawn in the funny shapes and cryptic characters of the horoscope's circle ... is the Ascendant or Rising sign -- which can only be determined through casting a Natal Chart, and for which you need a place and time of birth as well as just the date and year.

But with the addition of Ascendant (or the "Rising Sign" as it is often called) and its further qualities, and you at least have a three dimensional picture to use in a horoscope interpretation.

Hand those three elements to a competent Astrologer, and you at least have a rough outline of something to work with. No ... it's not the complete picture, any more than a photograph of a poured foundation is a "complete picture" of the building that will eventually occupy that floor space. But it's a start ... and a far better one than just a set of stakes pounded in the ground. See what I mean?


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