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The Sun Signs and Their Meaning in Astrology.
The Twelve Astrological Characters

by Rebecca Brents



You ... a work-in-progress

In Astrology, The Sun is the symbol of your Essential Self. Its energy is a snapshot of you as a work-in-progress. The Sun in your horoscope shows who you are, how you are developing ... and, therefore, who you are becoming. Its sign, house position and aspects say a lot about who you were designed to be and how you were meant to work. Alignment with your Sun energy is vital to understanding and becoming who you really are.

The traits associated with your Sun Sign are character qualities that come naturally to you. They are vital to your self-expression. They help you get what you want, find what you need and do the work you came here to accomplish. Your Sun Sign qualities describe you ... in ways you and the people who know you will easily recognize.

Sometimes, for different reasons, you can suppress your Sun Sign qualities. Other factors in your horoscope can modify them so they aren't as obvious. But when you have the freedom to be yourself -- or when the chips are really, really down -- your Sun Sign traits shine through .. or come to the rescue -- whichever is possible ... or needed.


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spring walkway

The Spring Signs

Aries people are headstrong and impulsive, self-assured and ambitious. Aries is a Fire Sign -- brave, charismatic and interested in personal glory. Aries is a Cardinal Sign -- self-motivating and proactive. Aries people have great initiative. They go after what they want, get things started and make things happen. The dark side of Aries, however, is impatient, volatile, excitable and hot-tempered.
See: * Born with the Sun in Aries

Taurus spirits are even-tempered and patient, gentle and hedonistic. Taurus is an Earth Sign -- sensible, grounded and interested in tangible results. Taurus is a Fixed Sign -- reliable and determined. Taurus people are stabilizers, blessed with fine stamina. They do what it takes to nourish and support things that already exist ... to give them the strength and time they need to grow. The dark side of Taurus, however, is lazy, self-indulgent, wasteful and stubborn.
See: * Born with the Sun in Taurus

Gemini souls are versatile and inventive, inquisitive and smart. Gemini is an Air Sign -- intellectual, good with ideas and interested in knowledge. Gemini is a Mutable Sign -- adaptable and accommodating. Geminis are excellent communicators. They learn, talk, read, write and do research. They discover knowledge and come up with ideas. The dark side of Gemini, however, is flighty, high-strung, dissembling and unreliable.
See: * Born with the Sun in Gemini


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summer trail

The Summer Signs

Cancers are domestic creatures, home-loving and family-oriented. Cancer is a Water Sign -- sensitive, emotional and comfortable with feelings. Cancer is a Cardinal Sign -- self-motivating and resourceful. Cancers are "everybody's mother." They are compassionate, protective and devoted to the maintenance of their private lives. They offer care and support to anyone who need it. The dark side of Cancer, however, is fretful, anxious and reclusive.
See: * Born with the Sun in Cancer

Leos are grand-standers, flamboyant, colorful and effusive. Leo is a Fire Sign -- dramatic, self-aware and shot full of charisma. Leo is a Fixed Sign -- managerial and focused. Leos are natural leaders who can also be fun and entertaining. They are confident and self-aware ... the Big Kids of the Zodiac. They know how to attract attention, and spend their lives doing that. The dark side of Leo, however, is pompous, arrogant and vain.
See: * Born with the Sun in Leo

Virgos are workaholics, efficient, detail-conscious and discerning. Virgo is an Earth Sign -- practical, cost-conscious and resourceful. Virgo is a Mutable Sign -- willing to go along to get along. Virgos look for work to do, ways to be of service. They see loose ends that need tying up, details that need tending. They love dealing with fine points ... and bringing order out of disarray. The dark side of Virgo, however, is critical, nit-picking and never satisfied.
See: * Born with the Sun in Virgo


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autumn walkway

The Autumn Signs

Libras are devoted to justice, balance, harmony and fair play. Libra is an Air Sign -- interested in opinions and able to see "all sides of the story." Libra is a Cardinal Sign -- full of initiative and a sense of purpose. Libras want partners, relationships, companions and friends. They are natural diplomats who promote equality and compromise ... and want everyone to just get along. The dark side of Libra, however, is manipulative, co-dependent and obsessed with appearances.
See: * Born with the Sun in Libra

Scorpios are willful, determined, self-contained and shrewd. Scorpio is a Water Sign -- passionate and profound. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign -- implacable and intense. Scorpios look to recycle and improve what exists. They invest themselves with partners whose resources they can use in their building efforts. They destroy, rebuild and fashion miracles from cast-off and reclaimed materials. The dark side of Scorpio, however, is merciless, secretive and vengeful.
See: * Born with the Sun in Scorpio

Sagittarius spirits are principled and philosophical, optimistic and tolerant. Sagittarius is a Fire Sign -- enthusiastic and upbeat. Sagittarius is a Mutable Sign -- restless and inclusive. Sagittarius is in love with higher learning, the organization of social conventions and matters of law and religion. They are explorers and collectors, teachers and thinkers who codify vast bodies of knowledge into structures that can be taught and shared. The dark side of Sagittarius, however, is hypocritical, inconsistent and careless.
See: * Born with the Sun in Sagittarius


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winter signs

The Winter Signs

Capricorns are conservative and cautious, self-disciplined and status-conscious. Capricorn is an Earth Sign -- sensible and pragmatic. Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign -- ambitious and driven. Capricorn is an empire builder. He invests his time and talents in things that are meant to last. Capricorns are patient and methodical. They want their work to stand the test of time. The dark side of Capricorn, however, is stingy, remote, cold and mean. See: * Born with the Sun in Capricorn

Aquarius souls are altruistic and progressive, visionary and innovative. Aquarius is an Air Sign -- cerebral and abstract. Aquarius is a Fixed Sign -- dedicated and insistent. Aquarius is both a mad eccentric and a high-minded idealist at heart. His sights are set on the future ... where he wants to create changes that will produce a better world, a better life -- for humanity as a whole. The dark side of Aquarius, however, is erratic, defiant, rebellious and chaotic. See: * Born with the Sun in Aquarius

Pisces people are gentle, peaceful, accepting and unselfish. Pisces is a Water Sign -- mystical and psychic. Pisces is a Mutable Sign -- creative and helpful. Pisces is a natural healer, the most spiritual sign in the Zodiac. He sees many dimensions of reality beyond this physical one. He offers support, compassion and understanding wherever he can. At his best, he is patient, saintly and generous to a fault. The dark side of Pisces, however, is paranoid, helpless, self-destructive, out of touch with and overwhelmed by reality. See: * Born with the Sun in Pisces

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* The Sun in General -- Your Essential Self of Power, Will, Vitality and Ambition ---> The essence of you -- In Astrology, The Sun represents your basic core identity. It gives information about the qualities of your ego, your individual self-expression, your self-image and your sense of personal identity. It depicts both the essence of who you are and how you define and reveal yourself to the rest of the world.

* The Sun -- Ruler of Leo -- Symbol of Your Essential Self ---> The Sun, without which life on Earth could not exist as we know it, is the astrological metaphor which symbolizes an individual's basic personality, the underlying canvas upon which all the other colors and elements of his character are co-mingled and combined. The Sun and its meaning are the centerpiece in the structure of Astrology.

* His Majesty ... The Sun -- The Center of Our Solar System ---> The Sun is perhaps the most rudimentary and reliable chronometer ... "measure or marker of time" ... we have. It is certainly the most obvious. It rises every morning ... and sets every evening. It has been doing so for millions of years. It will continue this rhythm past the time limits any human mind can imagine.

* What Does The Sun Represent in Your Natal Chart? -- What is it ... and why is it important? ---> The center of everything -- The Sun is the unmistakable center of our Solar System. Likewise, the Sun is your horoscope, with its sign placement and house position, describes the core essence of your character. It reveals the character traits you will use to express yourself, explore the world, have impact on your surroundings, learn what you need to know and accomplish the work you came here to do.

* The Luminaries in Astrology -- The Sun and The Moon -- What are they ... and what's the difference? ---> The Light-givers -- The Luminaries -- This term refers to The Sun and The Moon in a horoscope -- distinguishing them from the other common elements ... the eight known planets, excluding the Earth. The term luminary suggests The Sun and The Moon are both sources of light, and it's true they are both the brightest objects in the sky and two of the most commanding points of information in a horoscope.

Where Is the Sunshine In YOUR Life? ---> When someone asks ... "What's your sign?" ... he or she is really asking "What sign of the Zodiac was the Sun traveling through when you were born?" The Sun's placement is an important describing factor in a person's character. It tells a lot about his essential personality. Best of all, it's usually easy to determine a person's Sun sign. All you have to know is his birthday.

Are You Not Typical for Your Sign? -- When your Sun sign description just doesn't fit ---> What's your sign? -- When someone asks your sign, he wants to know which Zodiac sign the Sun was in when you were born. Usually it's easy to place anyone in a sign, although there are twelve days a year -- days when the Sun changes from one sign to the next -- when a clear answer isn't possible.

* The Sun in Astrology -- The Central Star in the Horoscope -- Its Meaning and Significance ---> The central player -- A simple and very general way of working with Astrology centers on the fact that the Sun is the central feature of a horoscope. -- There is a whole industry of mainstream astrology built around this idea, from the little three line "daily horoscopes" in newspapers and magazines to the little dime-store booklets that purport to "tell you more" about who you are, using your Sun sign characteristics as the basis of their information.

* The Spiritual Meaning of -- The Sun in Astrology -- The symbolism of The Sun ---> The Central StarThe source of light -- The Sun's spiritual meaning in Astrology is the spiritual essence of you! -- The Sun and The Moon are considered "the luminaries" in Astrology. The word itself means "light source," but The Sun is the only celestial body in the horoscope that gives off its own light.

Understanding Transiting Sun Energy -- Things to know about the transiting Sun's -- behavior, position and influence ---> The Sun represents your ego, your basic sense of who you are. In Astrology, the Sun symbolizes your self-image and your self-identity. Your Sun Sign, obviously, tells what sign the Sun was traveling through on the day you were born. The Sun in the sky, however, travels through all twelve signs of the Zodiac in the course of a year.

The Meaning of the Sun in Astrology -- The Star of your Horoscope -- Its Place in your Inner Family ---> Every year The Sun travels through all twelve signs of the Zodiac, spending about a month in each. But calendar months are not all equal in length, and Zodiac signs aren't either. The winter ones are a bit shorter, those in summer a bit longer.

* Things to Know About The Sun in Astrology -- Reflections on The Sun -- in no particular order ---> The Sun itself is the central feature and the only star in our solar system. In Astrology, The Sun, along with The Moon, is considered one of the "luminaries" -- a word that means "light source." The Sun, however, is the only one that generates its own light.

The Transiting Sun in Signs -- As The Sun moves through the Circle of Life ---> When The Sun is in Aries, you'll have the energy and ambition you need to launch new projects, make necessary changes and get stuff done. When The Sun moves into Taurus, you're more interested in slowing down, sitting back, taking it easy, stabilizing what you've started and enjoying life at a more measured pace.




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