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The Sun in General
Your Essential Self of Power, Will, Vitality and Ambition

by Serenity Chappell


The essence of you

In Astrology, The Sun represents your basic core identity. It gives information about the qualities of your ego, your individual self-expression, your self-image and your sense of personal identity.

It depicts both the essence of who you are and how you define and reveal yourself to the rest of the world. The Inner Self fueled by your Sun energy depicts the crux and substance of your spiritual being. It wants you to feel confident, self-assured, important, valued and proud of yourself. It defines you as an expression of Source, and marks you as individual and unique.


Your self-expression

Sun energy is considered masculine no matter what its sign position. It reveals how you express the masculine side of your nature. (The Sun is very influential in this, but Mars has a hand in it, too.) Positively, your Sun energy is confident, creative, influential and self-directed. Negatively, it is self-absorbed, insecure, conceited and arrogant. These are virtues and character problems commonly associated with men.

Your Sun energy describes your vitality and conscious will. You are very aware that outside-and-in it describes who you are, your ambitions and personal / spiritual agenda and how you act and express yourself as a person with a place in the world.


Your power

Other factors in your chart and in your life ... and other inner selves will shade and influence the expression of this energy, but through it all, your Sun energy will demonstrate your reality, your existence, your essential character, your values and your power to have an impact on the world and give direction to your life.

Your Sun energy is your cosmically-backed declaration of "This is who I am and what I am able to create." It shows both your outstanding character traits and your central life-focus.


Your purpose

Sun energy establishes a beach-head, a home base of power and influence from which you can operate. It puts your personality and charisma on display. It is the side of you other people get to know "once they get to know you" ... and get past the facade of your Ascendant energy. It isn't quite the person you reveal to intimate friends and family members. That's reserved for Moon energy. But it is an interim step, and the information it gives out is perfectly valid.

Sun energy is also connected to willpower, ambition, your life purpose and your creative power. Thus the Sun's placement by house and sign gives information about your self-identity, the qualities you use for self-expression, things you find important, your reason for being and the kind of respect and status you want.


How you want to shine

The Sun's position by sign and house reveals where you focus your main interests, how you want to shine and the traits you use to promote yourself. It shows how you offer your contributions to the world .. and the lessons your soul is working to master -- or refine -- in this life.


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