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The Transiting Sun in Signs
As The Sun moves through the Circle of Life

by Rebecca Brents


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solitude at sunrise

The Personal Signs

When The Sun is in Aries, you'll have the energy and ambition you need to launch new projects, make necessary changes and get stuff done. When The Sun moves into Taurus, you're more interested in slowing down, sitting back, taking it easy, stabilizing what you've started and enjoying life at a more measured pace.

When The Sun is in Taurus, you'll pay attention to aesthetics and comfort. You'll plan your moves before taking action. You're interested in stability and the wise use of resources. When The Sun moves into Gemini, you become restless ... even antsy. You'll want to get more exercise, move around ... and find out what's new -- and what's going on -- in your community.

When The Sun is in Gemini, you're ready to communicate and nourish your mind. You'll talk, read, write, explore and take up new interests. You'll do research, collect information, share what you think and find out what other people know. When The Sun moves into Cancer, you'll turn your efforts toward home maintenance issues and reconnect with family members.

When The Sun is in Cancer, you're concerned with the comforts of your private life. You'll pay attention to your living arrangements and ways to improve your safety and enjoyment. Your place as part of a family circle is important. When The Sun moves into Leo, you'll give attention to getting attention, developing your talents and having fun.


couple at dawn

The Relationship Signs

When The Sun is in Leo, you want some time in the spotlight. You'll show off what you enjoy ... and what you do well. You'll take risks, enjoy your leisure ... and put your creative abilities onstage -- where the world can appreciate them. When The Sun moves into Virgo, you'll become less self-indulgent and more practical. You're interested now in getting work done and being of service to "the people you work for."

When The Sun is in Virgo, you're interested in competence and performance, streamlining your routines, improving your health with good lifestyle choices, being sensible and cost-efficient. It's all about doing a good job ... in the work you do for a paycheck and the work you do for love. When The Sun moves into Libra, you'll become more interested in companionship, partnerships, social relationships ... and intimate connections. You're more concerned with being part of a team than in being the sole provider of help and services.

When The Sun is in Libra, you're concerned with issues of justice and fairness, with everyone doing his fair share of life's work and shouldering his assigned responsibilities. You want harmony, peace and pleasant surroundings. Your diplomatic agenda and negotiating skills get a work-out. When The Sun moves into Scorpio, you're ready to tear down and rebuild parts of your life that aren't working. It's time to remodel, dissolve and cast off things that have served their purpose and are just cluttering up your space now.

When The Sun is in Scorpio, you'll get rid of things that have become obsolete, exhausted, worn-out or inappropriate. Everything is up for consideration now -- ideas, projects, jobs, relationships, commitments, possessions. You'll reclaim raw materials ... and make new investments. When The Sun moves into Sagittarius, you'll explore the far horizons, find out how other people in the world think and operate, what works for them ... and incorporate these foreign ideas into your life's working model.


winter sunrise

The Universal Signs

When The Sun is in Sagittarius, you're concerned with higher education, existing social standards, legal and ethical issues and philosophical questions. You'll set up teaching-and-learning experiences ... and you'll travel more, both physically and intellectually. It's time to broaden your horizons and expand your expertise. When The Sun moves into Capricorn, you'll pay more attention to your status, reputation, professional interests and public life.

When The Sun is in Capricorn, you're focused on issues of authority and power, aligning yourself with community leaders and political interests. You're organized and conservative. Your attitude assumes a new maturity. You want to build durable things of value. You want your investments to be impressive and count for something. When The Sun moves into Aquarius, you'll loosen up, be more visionary and progressive ... and fix your sights on building a better future.

When The Sun is in Aquarius, you'll devote yourself to plans, philosophies and projects that will improve conditions for humanity far into the future. You'll network, make contact with like-minded thinkers ... and operate on your own to advance your vision and do things your way. When The Sun moves into Pisces, you'll settle back, contemplate the meaning of life ... and figure out where to go from here.

When The Sun is in Pisces, you're more tolerant, more universal and transcendent in your perspective, more imaginative, more forgiving and more idealistic in designing plans to take up when The Sun moves into Aries ... and another journey around Life's creative spiral begins. The Sun in Aries brings initiative, resourcefulness and determination ... and so it goes.


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* The Sun in General -- Your Essential Self of Power, Will, Vitality and Ambition ---> The essence of you -- In Astrology, The Sun represents your basic core identity. It gives information about the qualities of your ego, your individual self-expression, your self-image and your sense of personal identity. It depicts both the essence of who you are and how you define and reveal yourself to the rest of the world.

* The Sun -- Ruler of Leo -- Symbol of Your Essential Self ---> The Sun, without which life on Earth could not exist as we know it, is the astrological metaphor which symbolizes an individual's basic personality, the underlying canvas upon which all the other colors and elements of his character are co-mingled and combined. The Sun and its meaning are the centerpiece in the structure of Astrology.

* What Does The Sun Represent in Your Natal Chart? -- What is it ... and why is it important? ---> The center of everything -- The Sun is the unmistakable center of our Solar System. Likewise, the Sun is your horoscope, with its sign placement and house position, describes the core essence of your character. It reveals the character traits you will use to express yourself, explore the world, have impact on your surroundings, learn what you need to know and accomplish the work you came here to do.


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* The Sun in Astrology -- The Central Star in the Horoscope -- Its Meaning and Significance ---> The central player -- A simple and very general way of working with Astrology centers on the fact that the Sun is the central feature of a horoscope. -- There is a whole industry of mainstream astrology built around this idea, from the little three line "daily horoscopes" in newspapers and magazines to the little dime-store booklets that purport to "tell you more" about who you are, using your Sun sign characteristics as the basis of their information.

* The Spiritual Meaning of -- The Sun in Astrology -- The symbolism of The Sun ---> The Central StarThe source of light -- The Sun's spiritual meaning in Astrology is the spiritual essence of you! -- The Sun and The Moon are considered "the luminaries" in Astrology. The word itself means "light source," but The Sun is the only celestial body in the horoscope that gives off its own light.

* Understanding Transiting Sun Energy -- Things to know about the transiting Sun's -- behavior, position and influence ---> The Sun represents your ego, your basic sense of who you are. In Astrology, the Sun symbolizes your self-image and your self-identity. Your Sun Sign, obviously, tells what sign the Sun was traveling through on the day you were born. The Sun in the sky, however, travels through all twelve signs of the Zodiac in the course of a year.


Also about the Sun in Astrology

* The Meaning of the Sun in Astrology -- The Star of your Horoscope -- Its Place in your Inner Family ---> Every year The Sun travels through all twelve signs of the Zodiac, spending about a month in each. But calendar months are not all equal in length, and Zodiac signs aren't either. The winter ones are a bit shorter, those in summer a bit longer.

* Things to Know About The Sun in Astrology -- Reflections on The Sun -- in no particular order ---> The Sun itself is the central feature and the only star in our solar system. In Astrology, The Sun, along with The Moon, is considered one of the "luminaries" -- a word that means "light source." The Sun, however, is the only one that generates its own light.

* You Are Your Sunshine -- Sun Energy in your horoscope ... -- what it is and what it does ---> The center of it all ---> In Astronomy, the planets in our Solar System revolve around the Sun ... the celestial body at the center of it all ... keeping things together and sustaining life as we know it. In Astrology, your Sun energy defines your life purpose, your central essence ... the power that fashions and expresses the character that is completely, uniquely you.


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