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Understanding Transiting Sun Energy
Things to know about the transiting Sun's
behavior, position and influence

by Rebecca Brents


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The traveling Sun

The Sun represents your ego, your basic sense of who you are. In Astrology, the Sun symbolizes your self-image and your self-identity. Your Sun Sign, obviously, tells what sign the Sun was traveling through on the day you were born. The Sun in the sky, however, travels through all twelve signs of the Zodiac in the course of a year.

As the Sun changes signs, the general attitudes you find in the world will change. The underlying focus of life will change, too, as you make your way through the steps of the creative process and pay attention to all the areas of your world that comprise a complete and fulfilling life.



It brings different parts of life
to your attention -- things for you to work with

The sign the Sun occupies in the Zodiac at any given time will focus your attention on certain "generic matters" represented by the current Sun sign. You will also experience and express many characteristics of the current Sun sign, blended, for better or worse, with the qualities of your natural personality ... the traits of your native Sun Sign. You may find you generally work better with some signs than with others.

You may also find your Moon and its sign ... the part of your personality involved with feelings and emotions ... works better with some signs that your Sun energy does. There are many ways of connecting yourself with the world ... and working with its changing currents. A thorough understanding of your Natal Chart will explain this and teach you how.



When the Sun changes signs -- and houses

The dates when the Sun changes signs from one to the other will vary slightly through the years because the rigidity of human calendars doesn't always synch with the more flexible, but astronomically precise rhythms of nature. If it's important to you to know for sure when the sun changes from one sign to the next you may invest a few dollars in an astrological calendar each year.

(I recommend Jim Maynard's Pocket Astrologer ... available from Quicksilver Productions ... or, of course from Amazon.com or your favorite local metaphysical bookstore. Look for them around the first of the year. They tend to go fast.)

The dates when the Sun changes houses, from one department of life to another, however, is dependent entirely on the structure of your Natal Chart. Again, understanding the incredible, invaluable information this document contains will help you live a more effective and conscious life


Astrology is for Believers.

With an open mind and a knowledge of Astrology
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The essence of you

Whether transiting in the sky in present time or situated permanently in one place in your Natal Chart, The Sun and its energy ... shown by its sign and house positions ... represents your Essential Being. In your Natal Chart, the Sun's placement describes to an Astrologer (and the rest of the world, too) who you fundamentally are as an evolving spiritual entity.

The transiting Sun, on the other hand, shows where you are developing more of your Essential Being ... right now, today and tomorrow ... and beyond, in real time. The transiting Sun describes the interests you're working with, the challenges and opportunities you're meeting, the lessons you're learning, the gifts you're harvesting and the problems you're solving through the hands-on experiences of everyday life.



Doing its job

The transiting Sun has work to do in whatever sign it occupies at any given time. That work will relate to the business and interests ruled by that sign -- and by the concerns of the house the transiting Sun occupies for the time being in your Natal Chart.

The power of the transiting Sun will also show in the attitudes and perspectives you reflect, adopt and work through to help it complete the agenda of tasks and changes on its schedule.

For example: when the Sun is in Taurus, you will be noticeably practical and bargain-conscious, interested in money management and aware of your spending choices.

When the Sun moves into Gemini, you'll become more flexible and inventive, more curious and talkative. You'll be interested in learning, communicating and adding new tidbits of information to your general store of knowledge.


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Working with the wisdom of Astrology ...

You can recognize the subtle knock of real opportunity
and the soft voice of invitations to personal growth
because you know they're coming, where to look for them,
and what they'll look like when they appear.

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Where Is the Sunshine In YOUR Life? ---> When someone asks ... "What's your sign?" ... he or she is really asking "What sign of the Zodiac was the Sun traveling through when you were born?" The Sun's placement is an important describing factor in a person's character. It tells a lot about his essential personality. Best of all, it's usually easy to determine a person's Sun sign. All you have to know is his birthday.

Are You Not Typical for Your Sign? -- When your Sun sign description just doesn't fit ---> What's your sign? -- When someone asks your sign, he wants to know which Zodiac sign the Sun was in when you were born. Usually it's easy to place anyone in a sign, although there are twelve days a year -- days when the Sun changes from one sign to the next -- when a clear answer isn't possible.

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The Sun in Astrology -- The Central Star in the Horoscope -- Its Meaning and Significance ---> The central player -- A simple and very general way of working with Astrology centers on the fact that the Sun is the central feature of a horoscope. -- There is a whole industry of mainstream astrology built around this idea, from the little three line "daily horoscopes" in newspapers and magazines to the little dime-store booklets that purport to "tell you more" about who you are, using your Sun sign characteristics as the basis of their information.

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