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What Do Sun Aspects Show?
The Presence and Behavior of Your Inner Selves

by Rebecca Brents


All aspects to the Sun affect how the person, entity or event you're examining expresses itself ... and how it is perceived. If you have aspects to the Sun in your Natal Chart -- and chances are you do, an unaspected Sun is rare but not impossible -- it shows influences from your family of Inner Selves that affect your self expression. Planets that aspect your Sun shape your sense of who you are -- your self identity.

Sun aspects show attitudes and interests that help or hinder your ambitions, how you use your will power, the way you invest your vital Sun energy -- and the payoff or problems that come from this.

Like actual members of a human family, the constellation of your Inner Selves, shown by the other planets in your horoscope, form alliances, offer support or get in the way of your Sun self's agenda. The results form the experience of you ... from the inside where you live ... and on the outside, where you are reviewed by and involved with other people.

Your Sun energy represents your Essential Self ... the head of this inner family and the manager of all these Inner Selves. It's his job (and therefore your job) to work with these components to get his needs met, to do the work on this life's schedule and to create something to show from the investment. The energy and assets of all your Inner Selves are your Sun self's responsibility.

In a Natal Chart, some of these other selves are cooperative, even key, in promoting the Sun self's agenda ... and some aren't. Some really aren't. How well you work with (or work around) all this psycho-political complexity shapes the experience of your life ... and ultimately, the "success" of your life.

Realize your definition of success may not match that of other people, the general public, or values of the culture and society. But whatever the verdict from any of them, aspects to your Sun and the Inner Selves they represent ... the attitudes they show and the different agendas they describe (and pursue) play a central role in whatever happens.

Conjunctions unite and incorporate. Sextiles bring information, perspectives and new opportunities. Squares show interference. Trines promote creativity and higher learning. Oppositions describe blockage and relationship conflicts. Together, they write, in all its glory, the ultimate story of you.


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Last updated October 29th, 2016

The Lunar Light

The Moon Position Presently Indicates:
You want to be recognized for your brilliant ideas ... so you're in the mood to search through "all the things you know" to come up with interesting tidbits and creative combinations to use. Realizing that "presentation is everything" you'll also showcase your offerings nicely as you put them on display for others to applaud. This is not actually as self-serving as it sounds.

Doing this will prompt others to share ideas with you ... and you'll gather new ammunition for the next time this mood strikes. On second thought, maybe this strategy is as self-serving as it sounds. But it's educational, too. For everybody.

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