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When The Sun Is in Gemini

by Rebecca Brents


spring tree yellow flowers
Yellow is a Gemini Color

Time to wake up your mind

With the arrival of the Sun in Gemini, it's time to shake off some of that Taurean attitude of "Let's do it tomorrow. Let's take it easy today." ... and get the blood circulating again with some exercise, movement, and mental gymnastics.

When the Sun is in Gemini, people take up interests that spark new ideas, encourage reading and study, that emphasize "talking things over" and sharing opinions, and provide plenty of variety and entertainment. Attitudes become inquisitive, clever, interested in "novelty," and people are more willing to try something new ... just to see what happens.


various wildflowers
Gemini loves variety

... and put it to work

They gather facts and use information, put their heads together to brainstorm new concepts and directions. They devise new ways to apply knowledge they already have -- or invent new approaches to old problems.

They will read more, write more, talk more, and feel a restless urge to move around physically as well as intellectually. They are ready to listen and learn, study new subjects, and come up with something witty and amusing by rubbing two pieces of knowledge together ... and assembling a new creation.

It's time to be logical, analytical, reasonable, and imaginative. Experiment with ideas. Look at "facts" from many perspectives ... yes, even opposing points of view. Be ready to talk, argue, debate, play the devil's advocate, and stretch the horizons of your mind.


summer field and wildflowers

When things go wrong ...

Under stress with the Sun in Gemini, people are nervous, closed-minded, and opinionated. The ideas they work with are scattered and their attitudes insincere. They may say one thing one minute and then turn around and say (or decide ... or advocate) something totally different.

This energy fragments so badly under pressure it's hard to know where anyone stands on any issue ... and that includes you, your advice, your beliefs, and your decisions. People (and, yes, you, too) become, confused, cynical, forgetful, and even dishonest. Being "of two minds" under these conditions is neither pleasant nor easy.


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