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When the Sun is in Pisces

by Rebecca Brents


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When compassion and understanding are a way of life

When the Sun is in Pisces, the general tone of life is most compassionate and unselfish. Attitudes are more creative, sentimental, and self-sacrificing. This combination supports ideas and choices that are empathetic and generous, and an overall mood that is sensitive and tolerant.

This is a highly spiritual energy known for offering unconditional love and a profound charitable understanding in the way it relates to the world -- and the response it encourages.


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Attitudes are more spiritual

People are more idealistic and visionary, especially those who are in tune with this important time and who relate naturally to this part of life's creative process.

There is extra focus on abstract concerns like artistic projects, mystical interests, matters of faith, time spent in seclusion and contemplation, projects that stimulate and use the imagination, and ways to help to those who are dependent and needy.


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Attention turns inward

People are often concerned with exploring the subconscious mind and accessing it through psychotherapy, prayer, meditation, memories, dreams, and other methods that make the inner world conscious and available.

It's a time to turn inward and renew your spiritual center ... for with the arrival of Spring next month, a new level of work and new ventures "out in the world" begin again.


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When it goes wrong

Under stress with the Sun in Pisces, people are impractical, disorganized, and fragile. Anxiety levels rise -- even though these can be unrealistic and unnecessary -- purely a case of "letting your imagination run away with you."

Still, the mood of this energy when stressed is secretive, gullible, paranoid, and fretful. At such times, people are moody, and prone to choices that are underhanded and self-sabotaging. They are also unwilling or unable to face and deal with reality.

Escapism and addictive behaviors are the "favorite choices" when this energy has to cope with a world it finds too stressful and harsh for its notoriously fragile sensitivities.


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