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Your Natal Sun
The starting point for self-understanding

by Rebecca Brents



It's who you are

The Sun in your horoscope represents your Essential Being. Its location shows a place of power in your Natal Chart. Its sign position, house location and aspect support or interference reveals a wealth of information about your ability to realize your ambitions and have an impact on the world.
---> * The Sun in General

The Sun reveals your primary interests and strengths, your personal traits and qualities -- the basic tools you have to accomplish your life's work. The Sun defines your life purpose, the reason why you're here ... and what you're meant to do, how you're suited to the task, the help you have ... or the challenges you face ... from within your own character. In short, The Sun shows how you're designed to operate.
---> * What Does The Sun Represent in Your Natal Chart?



It's how you were built

It's there for you to read -- or hear about from someone who knows how to decipher the language ... the star code of the cosmos. That's basically what astrology is -- and what reading a Natal Chart is all about -- translating the symbols of Astrology's shorthand for profound and complex meanings and applying them to real life people and situations.
---> What IS a Horoscope?

A lot of things can influence the expression of your Sun energy, particularly your Sun Sign traits, but generally the list of character qualities that come with your Sun Sign energy should feel natural to you ... and be easily recognized as "basically you" by people who know you. This wide, familiar correlation is what keeps Sun Sign astrology so prominent in mainstream culture. It's a tiny piece of what Astrology's wisdom can do ... but it's a valid starting point, and so it continues to thrive.
---> His Majesty ... The Sun


More About the Sun

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It's what you were designed to be

But Sun Sign information is just a foundation ... a framework on which to hang a thousand other details which make you unique ... a person with a character, a perspective and a destiny that may be similar to, but not exactly like, that of anyone else. Positive Sun energy is authentic and impressive. There is nothing whatsoever phony or forced about its declarations on who you are.
---> * The Meaning of the Sun in Astrology

Positive Sun energy is confident and creative, focused and self-aware. This is especially true in the outgoing and intense masculine signs ... the Fire and Air Signs -- Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. It is equally true in the more introverted and responsive feminine signs ... the Earth and Water Signs -- Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. Their Sun Sign energy is just as strong, just as capable. The only difference is ... it's not so much in-your-face as their extroverted brothers.
---> * The Sun: Ruler of Leo


To "feel like" your Sun Sign energy shows you basically have permission to be yourself, to engage life on your own terms and enjoy it in your own way. In this, other parts of your personality can lend powerful aid or present formidable opposition. In the following series of articles, I'll talk about what this looks like on paper, what it feels like in real life, and what it means for your development as an evolving spiritual being.
---> Are You Not Typical for Your Sign?


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The Sun in Astrology

* My Notes About the Sun in Astrology ---> Note: This is a random collection of "things to know about the Sun in Astrology," listed in no particular order, but it gives a pretty complete description of what this essential point of reference can tell you ... or at least tell your Astrologer. Predictable and easy to find ---> * The Sun is the best known player in Astrology. The Zodiac sign it was traveling through when you were born ....

* What The Sun in Your Natal Chart -- Reveals About You -- The center of your horoscope / -- the center of your personality ---> The Sun ... it's just the beginning -- Despite its powerful influence in familiar mainstream astrology, The Sun in your horoscope gives a whole lot more information to an astrologer than simply the characteristics associated with its sign.

* Sun Power -- Sun energy in your horoscope and personality -- What does the Sun represent in Astrology -- and why is it important? ---> It's complicated -- and so are you ---> Astrology understands your personality is a complex, integrated structure. It's composed of different parts, different Inner Selves, that theoretically work together as a whole. Of course that's not always true. (I called it "theoretical" for a reason.) Inner conflict is a huge part of being human.


The Transiting Sun

* Notes on The Transiting Sun ---> The moving picture of you ---> Aspects that involve the Sun ... whether we're speaking of the Sun in your Natal Chart or the transiting Sun in the sky ... always involve issues of self-identity, personal ambition, your willpower, and ways in which you want to have impact on the world ... and feel important. Wherever the Sun is involved, you are looking to shine.

* Understanding Transiting Sun Energy -- Things to know about the transiting Sun's -- behavior, position and influence ---> The traveling Sun ---> The Sun represents your ego, your basic sense of who you are. In Astrology, the Sun symbolizes your self-image and your self-identity. Your Sun Sign, obviously, tells what sign the Sun was traveling through on the day you were born. The Sun in the sky, however, travels through all twelve signs of the Zodiac in the course of a year.


The Sun & Moon in Astrology

* The Sun and Moon in Your Natal Chart -- Two powerful descriptions of you ---> Your two most important Inner Selves ---> Even in the more subtle, introverted signs, like Scorpio, Virgo and Pisces, The Sun's energy in your horoscope is considered powerful, masculine and demonstrative. Its expression can be overwhelmed and disguised by other factors or afflictions in the horoscope, but not easily.

* The Luminaries in Astrology -- The Sun and The Moon -- What are they ... and what's the difference? ---> The Light-givers ---> The Luminaries -- This term refers to The Sun and The Moon in a horoscope -- distinguishing them from the other common elements ... the eight known planets, excluding the Earth. The term luminary suggests The Sun and The Moon are both sources of light ....


From the Blogs, Ezines and Elsewhere

From EDA: The Sun ---> Everyday Astrology ---> March 15, 2020 ---> The Sun ---> Just as the Sun is the physical center of our Solar System, so the Sun in Astrology is the center of attention in a horoscope. It provides a starting point for an Astrologer to begin interpreting the essential qualities of a person's character or a situation -- whatever that particular chart happens to examine. The pivotal energy of a person or event starts there -- with the Sun's sign & location.

From EDA: The Sun and The Moon ---> Everyday Astrology ---> March 30, 2020 Sun & Moon ---> The Sun in your horoscope represents your Essential Self, the inner part of your character that defines your personality and ego. It is your basic identity to the world as your life unfolds. Arguably it also describes your spiritual purpose ... your sense of who you are and who you are meant to become. It is your present self reaching into the future as you develop your potential and talents.


The Sun in Astrology
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