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Uranus in Astrology: Basic Stuff

by Rebecca Brents



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Uranus -- reaching past the visible

* Uranus is the 7th planet from the Sun in our Solar System. It orbits between Saturn & Neptune. It is the first planet so far away it cannot be seen with the naked eye.

* Uranus is the first of Astrology's "generational planets" -- planets whose sign position in a horoscope affects vast numbers of contemporaries -- people born in a significant multi-year block of time. It is also one of the Karmic planets containing past life information & lessons.

* Uranus takes 84 years to circle the Zodiac & so spends about 7 years in each sign. It retrogrades once a year for about 5 months at a time.


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The symbol of your Inner Genius, your Inner Rebel

* Uranus rules Aquarius, the 11th sign of the Natural Zodiac. It is associated with the 11th House of the horoscope -- the house that deals with friendships, your progressive ideals & plans for the future. Here you link with like-minded thinkers to create a better tomorrow.

* Uranus is considered gender-neutral, neither masculine nor feminine. It is an emphatically cerebral planet, running almost exclusively on intellectual energy. Uranus is considered the higher octave of Mercury -- both deal with functions of the conscious mind & its ability to tap higher levels of knowledge & meaning.

* Uranus rules the calves & ankles in the physical body -- also the nerves, the body's "electrical system."

* Uranus rules friendships, social & professional connections, your network of philosophical & political kin, & the ideas you share with others about the kind of future you want to work for & build.


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Uranus urges you to play by your own rules

* Uranus governs your urge for freedom & independence, your ability to express your unique, creative ideas, your desire to custom-design your life "outside the normal rules."

* Uranus in your horoscope represents your Inner Progressive, your authentic, original self, your ability to be who you truly are without apology or reservation. It can represent your most singular social contributions & expression.

* It represents your urge for awakening, reaching beyond the regions of normal consciousness into the transcendent realms of wisdom & knowledge. It is an energy of constantly changing perceptions & experiences.



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