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Things Know Uranus Retrograde

by Rebecca Brents


From Jun 2002*

Uranus Retrograde in Aquarius

Uranus has turned retrograde at the very last degree of Aquarius ... and will be backing up on itself for the next five months. Those of you especially with planet placements in any sign from 22° to 29° will be working to claim more liberated, more innovative conditions for yourself wherever Uranus falls in your chart. Some suggestions about what this may entail are contained below.

Presently Uranus is in Aquarius, the sign it rules. It's like a double dose of crazy. But it also makes life interesting in a warped Uranian sort of way. Uranus retrogrades this time from late on June 2nd through November 3rd and from 29° Aquarius back to 25° Aquarius. If you have a planetary placement from 22° to 29° of any sign, this energy ... in either retrograde or direct motion is likely to have an effect on you. (I know. The numbers don't match ... but trust me on this. There are reasons why.)

If your natal placement is in Aries, unexpected changes in your social and professional network are creating opportunities for the developments I've described. Also, your ideals are becoming more inclusive and eclectic, visionary and altruistic in tone. You may be wanting different things now from your professional investments and career directions, things which show off you more than ever before.

If your natal placement is in Taurus, sudden upsets and even a feeling of chaos or crisis in your professional interests and career directions are somehow involved in the changes that are occurring in your life. You may have decided -- based on your own insights, or because of "circumstances beyond your control" -- that you need to move in different directions in your public life and your definition of "who you are" in the world.

If your natal placement is in Gemini, insightful ideas and changes in your intellectual viewpoints brought on by some distinct "educational experience" are somehow involved in the changes that are occurring in your life. You may have come to realize you need more liberal rules of operation in your life ... or you have adopted progressive new ideas you now want to implement and enjoy.

If your natal placement is in Cancer, serious and sudden changes in your life -- often of the upsetting and permanent variety, the kind that force you off in very different directions, and where some obvious themes of "death and rebirth" are a visible part of the mix -- are causing the effects I've mentioned in the first section of this article.

If your natal placement is in Leo, an unstable and highly volatile relationship is somehow involved in the changes I've described in the earlier section of this article. Another person's independence is causing considerable upset and turmoil in your world ... and your reactions to this may be just as intemperate as you consider that person's behavior to be.

If your natal placement is in Virgo, you are experiencing a need for adjustment in the effect this energy is having on your natal planet ... the one bringing on the changes I've mentioned earlier in this article. Often a need for greater independence in the kind of work you do is a definite part of the mix. You may have special talents you need to apply in the work you are doing ... or you may have clients, colleagues, working conditions, "dependents," etc., whose special needs require you to acquire special talents.

If your natal placement is in Libra, unusual opportunities that let you "show off your unique abilities," that bring a new sense of creative freedom or sudden opportunities for pleasure and romance, that encourage an unusual new hobby, or that promote a much more liberated relationship with your children are part of what is causing the action regarding your natal placement -- as I've described earlier.

If your natal placement is in Scorpio, turmoil in your private life, changes in your home, or sudden upsets in your family situation are part of what is causing the action regarding your natal placement as I've described earlier. You may have decided -- based on your own insights, or because of "circumstances beyond your control" -- that you need more freedom in your personal world.

If your natal placement is in Sagittarius, unexpected changes in the way you think, the way you communicate, the interests you have, and the way you use your mind and intelligence are creating opportunities for the developments I've described in the earlier section of this article. You are becoming far more inventive and experimental in the ways you use intellectual energy.

If your natal placement is in Capricorn, instability regarding money and the way you support the activities of the placement being affected are part of the complications involving this energy. Fluctuations in income, or impulsive moments of spending may also be causing some of the effects I've mentioned. You are looking to acquire more financial independence for yourself ... in spades.

If your natal placement is in Aquarius, you are changing the way you present yourself when involved with the placement being affected. There is greater intensity, an increased sense of excitement, and a highly energized new flair in the experience of this placement -- and all it means. You are finding new ways of using this energy, new applications and advantages, new ways of "owning it" ... that let you be more uniquely yourself.

If your natal placement is in Pisces, you are gaining some new, insightful ways to use your intuition. You may also find your artistic interests, your mystical dimensions, and your spiritual leanings activated through sudden flashes, or hunches, or feelings ... the exact sort of thing that is so well known to your sign. But these moments will seem unusually energized, ingenious, or perceptive.

* Articles in the extensive series "Things to Know About" are constructed from information originally published in Step-by-Step, our Premium Members several-times a week Astrology Ezine. This Ezine has been continuously published since late November 2001. The material is published here mostly for my convenience. It is not intended to be finished, organized, polished or even complete. Some of it may be notes that don't even make a lot of sense, but you're welcome to look at it.

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