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* Uranus Retrograde
Reclaiming Your Independence

by Rebecca Brents


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The free spirit in all of us

Uranus -- the clown energy of the cosmos, the metaphor for the free spirit in all of us, the inspirational madness that can both make fools of us all and show us the unique eccentricities of our soul -- is perhaps my favorite planet.

Ok, I'll admit to a certain prejudice. Uranus energy is not all fun and games (although lots of it is!!) and it is the most highly aspected planet in my chart giving me an affinity for its energy that is unusual.

"Unusual," in fact, is the word to apply to the metaphors of Uranus itself. They contain the meanings that remind us that everyone is special. Just as all snowflakes are different, all cloud formations, and all fingerprints -- all owners of fingerprints are different. And hallelujah (!!) for that wonderful truth.


The source of your originality

It represents your urge to be free from limitations, restrictions, rigid rules, and regulations of all kinds. The Uranus energy in your character is that rebellious, recalcitrant member of your inner family that feels the need to let you be first and foremost uniquely yourself.

It is the "little devil" figure that sits on your shoulder when you are making choices and counsels defiance, insurrection, and mutiny. "Go ahead and do it," it prods ... as it rolls the tape of some of your wildest dreams and fantasies on the movie screen of your imagination.

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