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The Delights of Delectable Venus
You and the Goddess of Earthly Enjoyments

by Rebecca Brents



basket of flowers
Pink is a Venus color

Venus -- everybody's favorite

You'd think Venus would be everybody's favorite planet. It rules, among other things, love and money -- two topics that get a ton of attention in the media and in the goals many people apparently set with their behavior. Sex and money. Messages, concerns, advice, and images about both assault us constantly.

These interests are often the common theme in advertising we cannot escape -- on radio, television, billboards, magazines ... and the internet. You almost can't get through an evening of prime time television without being hit with a boner-pill commercial -- and in this, an election year, concerns about the going-to-hell-in-a-handbasket economy are on the rise. Sex and money. It seems they are what makes the world go 'round.


rain on pink mums

Not so fast ...

Among astrologers, psychics and tarotists the cliché questions about "Am I going to win the lottery?" and "When will I meet my soul-mate?" drive some of the really good readers to shut down their public practice completely. They just can't take it any more -- like the one I know who remarked in despair years ago that 90% of this practice boiled down to "When am I gonna get laid? When am I gonna get paid?" I know how he feels.

People getting their horoscope analyzed for the first time perk up their ears when they hear about Venus and its delights. Sex ... love ... money ... mmmmmmm. The interest dissolves virtually before your eyes, though, when they find out Venus energy is not about Prince(ss) Charming riding up in a modern-day convertible chariot clutching buckets of cash in each hand.


pink flowers

Venus -- what it's REALLY about

Venus is about how a person can work with his social skills, how he can attract helpful relationships (or why he can't for the life of him find people he gets along with), and how he can use his talents to support himself naturally (or not) in this material world.

Venus is about how to use relationships and material resources wisely -- as well as how to attract these into experience according to the way you were built to work. It's about how to be a cooperative, valuable and worthwhile partner yourself.

It's about your style of showing affection and the kind of people you are likely to attract. It's about how you were designed to provide yourself with an income, financial support and material goods. It's really not about luck, unconditional love and effortless living.


pink rose

Oh ... that's different

Once people hear that and the message sinks in ... that even astrology doesn't hold the key to an endless stream of milk and honey ... their eyes glaze over again. Another dream dashed. They're actually going to have to put out effort and be worthy of the money they make and the love they enjoy.

Venus, as with the other astrological symbols, is about balance. Yes, its excesses can be delightful while they last, but the bill demanding payment always arrives -- sometimes with a shocking jolt back into reality. At best, you'll get out of a relationship about what you put into it -- and sometimes, sadly, you don't even get to harvest that much.


pink lilies

Yes, it's about money -- and assets

The same goes for your paycheck and your bank balance. There really is no such thing as a free lunch, and even the appearance of one comes with a long, long, long time between one mirage and the next. So Venus is about partnership and support, the help or hindrance we can expect from the other people in our lives (and not just those we have in a "love" context.)

It's about acquiring and spending material resources -- usually through the value we ourselves bring to life and the rewards we thereby gain. An existence of perpetual orgasms and spending sprees is not what a well-placed Venus describes. In fact, those excesses are often a sign of Venus afflicted.


pink flowers

It's also about alliances ... and cooperation

Venus is about cooperation, social connection and survival ... which can, indeed, show up as rewarded efforts to acquire "love and money." But Venus also arrives with lessons that teach how "love" is not synonymous with "sex" and "abundance" is not the same as "extravagance." Along with the Sun, it transits through a Natal Chart about once a year.

(Because Venus, like all the planets, has a retrograde cycle, it can be "off" in one direction or another, unlike the Sun's steady, predictable pace. Without an ephemeris, an astrological calendar or an astrology chart-casting software program on your computer, there's no way to know for sure when Venus is in what sign.)


pink flowers

It works best when you work WITH it

And Venus, as it travels through the houses of a Natal Chart -- or through the signs in the sky -- isn't always about shop-'til-you-drop or romantic interludes. Sometimes it's about adjusting your personal appearance. Sometimes it's about discovering intellectual interests you truly enjoy. Sometimes it's about forming valuable professional alliances.

For people whose focus never ranges far afield of their bank account or physical urges south-of-the-border, this doesn't sound very exciting.

But these experiences, too, are essential to a rich and meaningful life, and keeping track of the transits of Venus, knowing its significance in your Natal Chart, and putting it all together can hand you worthwhile information about your character and your prospects ... and do more for your overall development than a hint on the winning lotto numbers ... or a rendezvous with Mr. Right --or lovely Miss Right-now.


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