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Changing Times / Changing Signs
Forecast for Venus' transit of Cancer 2020

by Rebecca Brents


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Welcome to Venus in Cancer
(Or maybe not. This year's transits are awful.)

Cancer is an energy about feeling, mothering, protecting and supporting the people & lives we love, those who are related to us by blood & marriage ... & those we've adopted & made "part of the family." It is associated with tenderness, compassion, caring & the feeling of unity that comes from sharing a common background, the same history, the same roots. From this in Cancer, you get a sense of who you are & where you come from that helps define you.

In Cancer, you learn how to build on the foundations you were born into & how to branch out eventually & build your own. It's about building an actual home, a place of support, understanding & acceptance you can always return to if you need care, shelter or a renewed sense of belonging. Home, says the poet, is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.

In mundane matters, Cancer is concerned with your home base, your actual living conditions, your ethnic heritage, your original roots & current foundations. It's the fairly small circle of people you feel you belong to ... & vice versa. It's parents & grandparents, children, aunts, uncles, siblings & cousins. It brings a feeling of being rooted firmly in the past with "people who are your kin" ... moving into the future together.

Cancer is mothering, understanding, tender, soothing & comforting. It understands what someone needs without a word being spoken aloud. It provides empathy & understanding, acceptance & loving inclusion when those are exactly the things you need to heal from the wounds of the outer world.

With Venus' arrival here ... in the Zodiac's 4th Sign, these are the issues onstage for the next month in matters that involve relationships, close friendships, connections to the general public, pleasures & enjoyments, financial issues, earning & spending strategies & possessions.
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