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* Changing Times / Changing Signs
Forecast for Venus' Transit of Virgo 2020

by Rebecca Brents


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Venus and Values

Venus deals with things of value and things that bring pleasure. For most people this boils down to $$$ and sex, but there's much more to Venus than that. Venus describes how you manage relationships, everything from your close partnerships to your rapport with the general public. Yes, it deals with all levels of finance including your income sources, your spending habits & the kinds of possessions you prefer.

It will show how you reveal your character through the way you handle money, the attitudes you have toward material assets and the kinds of things you support with your spending. It will also describe your taste in art and fashion, the decorating style you're liable to choose and the qualities you look for in both partners and your close circle of friends.

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Sun energy = personal focus, ambition, willpower
Forecast for the Sun's Transit of Libra 2020
The Sun moves into Scorpio October 22

Mercury energy = intellect, information, learning, ideas
* Forecast for Mercury's Transit of Scorpio 2020
Mercury Rx moves back into Libra October 27

Venus energy = relationships, allies, $$$, assets, pleasure, things you enjoy
Forecast for Venus' Transit of Virgo 2020
Venus moves into Libra on October 27.

Mars energy = physical energy, ability to work, self-defense, aggression
Forecast for Mars' Transit of Aries 2020
Mars retrogrades in Aries September 11.
Mars turns direct again on November 14.


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