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* My Notes About Venus
A comprehensive list
of things about Venus
in no particular order
Part 1

by Rebecca Brents


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Editor's Notes

This page -- and the subsequent continuing links -- basically offer a comprehensive list of things to know and keep in mind about Venus -- what it does and what it means in Astrology.

It contains a lot of unorganized, raw notes on the topic ... basically everything I know about this planet, its functions, its symbolism, its uses and how it operates. I add to all this from time to time and reorganize it in various ways ... but mostly this is a page for me and my personal use.

I keep it here where I know where to find it. But, of course, you're welcome to make use of it yourself, in any way you need ... or any new learning you've decided to take on. Pieces of it find their way eventually into other essays on the site, so you'll find it all here, -- but you'll also find a lot of repetition. Just be aware of that.

You can read as far as you like "to get the message," and then go on and do something else.


Section 1

* Venus is the closest planet to Earth. It is located between the Earth and Mercury. It is the second planet from the Sun. Earth is the third.

* Venus takes 225 days to complete is circle through the Zodiac.

* Venus is never more than 47° from the Sun in a horoscope. Thus Venus is never more than two signs away from the Sun.

* Venus rules two signs -- Taurus and Libra. It is also associated with the 2nd and 7th Houses of the horoscope -- the houses that deal with material supply and partnerships.


Section 2

* Venus is the "sister star" to the Earth. When she rises before the Sun, she is the Morning Star. At other times, when she sets after the Sun, she is the Evening Star. Her brightness and visibility are quite distinctive.

* In the physical body, Venus rules the urinary system, the kidneys, the circulatory system, the larynx and the throat.

* Venus is feminine -- and represents feminine energy -- in your horoscope, and therefore, in your personality -- and how you can and do use it. Everyone has this; everyone needs this. Everyone needs to also understand how it works -- so they can gain the benefits they deserve and require.

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