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Physics, Metaphysics and Myth
Part 1

by Rebecca Brents


venus the planet


Venus is the second planet outward from the Sun. It orbits between Mercury and Earth. Like Mercury, Venus lacks any moon. These are the only two planets in our Solar System of which this is true. The Earth, of course, has one Moon. All the other planets have multiples. Even Pluto has five.

Although it's counter-intuitive, the fact is Venus, although farther from the Sun than Mercury, is actually hotter. Even though Venus reflects 70% of all the sunlight it receives -- which is why is shines so brightly in the sky, Venus is still hotter than Mercury. Venus is wrapped in a thick blanket of clouds made of sulfuric acid and water vapor, so its surface is subject to a runaway greenhouse effect

Its surface temperature is around 900° F -- 465° C. -- which is hot enough to melt lead.


venus astrological glyph


In Astrology Venus presides over all things of value and pleasure, including your abstract personal values, your use of material comforts and assets, your connection to other people, the way you want to be loved and the things you love to do for joy and entertainment. She is associated with grace, charm, fashion, style, art, culture, beauty and the hedonistic pleasures we gain through the five physical senses.

Like Mercury, Venus rules two Zodiac signs ... Taurus, the sign of material support and resources and Libra the sign of partnerships and close personal connections. Thus her reputation in mainstream pop-culture astrology as the symbol of money and love. But as you see that's a rather simplistic view of all her domain.



In mythology, Venus is the Roman goddess "whose functions encompassed love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory." She was also associated with farmlands and gardens. (Source, Wikipedia) Her male counterparts (and consorts) were Vulcan, the god of fire and metalwork, and Mars, the god of war and agriculture. In Greek culture, Venus' equivalent was Aphrodite.

Venus was considered one of the ancestors of the Roman people through her son Aeneas, fathered by a prince who was first cousin to the King of Troy. Aeneas, in turn is an ancestor to Romulus and Remus, whose story details the events leading to the founding of ancient Rome. Even Julius Caesar claimed her as an ancestor. Given this, Venus was honored in many Roman religious festivals.


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Venus in Astrology

Venus -- Just the Facts -- Venus and its many guises in the Zodiac ---> Introduction -- Like Mercury, your Venus energy describes two inner selves. One helps you form and manage your relationships, the other is in charge of your finances and management of material assets.

* My Notes About Venus -- A comprehensive list -- of random things about Venus -- in no particular order ---> Venus rules two signs in the Zodiac -- Taurus and Libra. Accordingly, Venus also rules two important life areas -- generally simplified as "love and money." But the domain of Venus is much more complicated and populated than that.

Venus Retrograde -- Realigning Your Values and Assets ---> Reassessing things of value ... -- Venus represents your important relationships, your important values, and the way you handle the things you value, especially material resources like money and possessions you need to support yourself.


Venus in Astrology -- Articles Index



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