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Quick Notes on Venus in Astrology

by Rebecca Brents


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Venus is feminine ... & friendly

* Venus is feminine -- and represents yin energy, feminine energy -- in your horoscope, and therefore, in your personality -- and how you can and do use it. Everyone has this; everyone needs this. Everyone needs to also understand how it works -- so they can gain the benefits they deserve and require.

* Venus deals with sharing in partnership and close friendships -- based on the principle that something you enjoy increases when you share it with someone you love.


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Money & relationships

* Venus is also involved with your use of material assets -- such as income production, your financial choices and transactions, the kind of possessions and property you want to acquire and the various means you use to support yourself in the physical world.

* Venus, especially by its sign position, shows what you offer in relationships, and what you are looking for in connections with partners and other close associates.


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Venus rules Libra

* Venus turns retrograde for six weeks once about every 19 months. It is retrograde only 7% of the time -- as opposed to some that are retrograde around 30% of the time. Venus is actually the planet least likely to be retrograde, which makes the 40+ days when it is all the more meaningful.

* In Libra, Venus is charming, aesthetic and cultured. She helps us appreciate the way things look ... and the importance of appearances. Sadly, she'll sometimes prefer appearances over the genuine article.


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Venus rules Taurus

* Venus in Taurus is more earthy and in touch with her senses. She also places extra value on money and luxuries, possessions and material pleasures, physical enjoyments and financial support.

* When your Venus energy is in synch with another's, you enjoy your time together in ways that lose track of time. That's the very definition of "being in flow." And it doesn't necessarily have to do with anything sexual -- although that's not out of the question.


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Venus in Astrology
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Venus -- Physics, Metaphysics and Myth -- Part 1 ---> Physics ---> Venus is the second planet outward from the Sun. It orbits between Mercury and Earth. Like Mercury, Venus lacks any moon. These are the only two planets in our Solar System of which this is true. The Earth, of course, has one Moon. All the other planets have multiples. Even Pluto has five. Although it's counter-intuitive, the fact is Venus, although farther from the Sun than Mercury, is actually hotter.

Venus -- Just the Facts -- Venus and its many guises in the Zodiac ---> Introduction -- Like Mercury, your Venus energy describes two inner selves. One helps you form and manage your relationships, the other is in charge of your finances and management of material assets.


Venus in Astrology
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* My Notes About Venus -- A comprehensive list -- of random things about Venus -- in no particular order ---> Venus rules two signs in the Zodiac -- Taurus and Libra. Accordingly, Venus also rules two important life areas -- generally simplified as "love and money." But the domain of Venus is much more complicated and populated than that.


Venus in Astrology
Light Reading & Open Articles



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