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* Venus in Cancer
Love like home-made apple pie

by Rebecca Brents


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Pink is a Venus color


In Astrology, Venus symbolizes the individual's social self and social instincts, the ability to form and participate in relationships, his need for partners, his way of supporting himself by acquiring the resources he needs to survive, his attitudes and conduct toward money and possessions, and his abstract personal values.

On a social level, Venus also represents money, material assets, physical goods, abstract personal values, love, care and protection, support and encouragement, the principle of attraction, one's more feminine and responsive yin energy, and the capacity to take others into consideration.

Venus is always found in either the same sign as the Sun, or within two signs before or after. Venus retrogrades about once a year ... and therefore despite its closer proximity to the Sun in the Solar System, and its closer orbit, it still takes about a year for Venus to complete a circle of the Zodiac ... just as it does the Sun itself.


Venus in Cancer

When Venus is in Cancer, there is a "maternal" quality to the romantic side of life. With such a strong emphasis on family connections, people are looking to "mother" their loved ones, and be mothered in return. Therefore there is extra emphasis on being dependable, domestic, sheltering, nurturing, security-minded, and able to supply what is wanted and needed without having to be asked.

People use money to enhance their home situation and private lives and acquire possessions that contribute to the comfort and safety of loved ones and family members. The care of (or interest in) children may be evident - even to the point of "babying" loved ones, who, while they may not specifically need this . . . may respond well nevertheless.

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Venus in Astrology
Light Reading & Open Articles


More About Venus

* Venus -- Ruler of Taurus -- Ruler of Libra ---> Pink is a Venus color! ---> The Roman goddess of love and desire ---> Venus. The Greeks called her Aphrodite. She was born of sea-foam -- and Botticelli's famous painting shows her as a fully mature woman, standing in a scallop shell as it arrives ashore. Her archetype is considered the feminine counterpart to the lusty maleness of Vulcan and Mars. (Hephaestus and Ares) ....

* In the Company of the Goddess -- Venus ... the Symbol of Love in the Zodiac ---> Venus represents beauty and comfort and all things of value, pleasure and enjoyment ---> The planet Venus as a symbol in Astrology represents our sense of beauty and comfort, the way we deal with money and issues of physical support, and the way we manage our close relationships. It is, therefore, an important indicator of our personal values. Notice the "value" we place on all the things just listed. Venus is always relatively close to the Sun ... and, in fact, is never more than 45 degrees away from the Sun, but the location of Venus relative to the Sun can, in and of ....

* My Notes About Venus -- A comprehensive list -- of things about Venus -- in no particular order ---> Editor's Notes ---> This page -- and the subsequent continuing links -- basically offer a comprehensive list of things to know and keep in mind about Venus -- what it does and what it means in Astrology. It contains a lot of unorganized, raw notes on the topic ... basically everything I know about this planet, its functions, its symbolism, its uses and how it operates. I add to all this from time to time and reorganize it in various ways ... but mostly this is a page for me and my personal use. I keep it here where I know where to ....


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Venus Rx -- Adjusting Your Values ---> This Venus Retrograde cycle began March 4. It will end April 15. In its retrograde travels, Venus moved from 13° Aries back to 27° Pisces. It will be in Pisces until April 28 when it enters Aries again. Where that segment of the circle falls in your Natal Chart shows specifically where you are working with this retrograde energy. What house in your Natal Chart holds the last three degrees of Pisces? Venus moves out of its own shadow on May 18. Your Sun sign position in the list below shows where your ego issues are focused. Your Moon sign position shows where your emotions, security concerns and involvment with home and family are focused. Your Ascendant sign position shows where you will ....

* Aspects of Venus ---> What does the condition of Venus tell you about your connections to love and money? ---> Aspects to Venus give information about areas of life that are strongly influenced by social skills, partnership affiliations, the natives ability to form and use relationships, how he expresses love -- and what happens as a result of those feelings. They show channels which can make use of his diplomatic skills -- or be hindered by his lack of them. They show how he can use his aesthetic sensitivities, his sense of beauty and style, and his artistic interests to help him get along more easily in life.


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From EDA: Venus Retrograde ---> Everyday Astrology May 28, 2020 Venus Retrograde ---> Once Venus retrograde meets the conjunction with the Sun & passes behind it, she becomes the Morning Star, nestled in the dark blue to blue-gray to shell pink of the sunrise every day. You just won't see a Morning Star & an Evening Star on the same day. Once Venus gets close enough to the Sun to touch & go past, she seems to disappear for a couple of days. Change of costume, maybe. In any case, once the first days of subtle change are over, there's a markedly different mood associated with a retrograde planet.

Mars & Venus ---> Everyday Astrology January 6, 2021 Mars & Venus ---> Some planet pairs seem designed to work together. Other pairs seem designed for complimentary roles. Some sound a theme, then the partner amplifies it. You learn a lot when you compare & contrast & examine each planet pair. Look for signs of how they play off each other, balance themselves across a spectrum of needs, cause each other trouble on the one hand, & come to the rescue on the other. Take Mars & Venus, the inner couple, the romantic lovers, in many ways a study in contrasts. First, obviously, one is masculine, ....

Venus -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology March 24, 2021 Venus ---> Each planet is associated with at least one Zodiac sign & at least one house in the horoscope. Astrologers say planets rule certain Zodiac signs that are extremely congruent with the energy of the planet itself, & a planet is "accidentally dignified" when it occupies the house of its natural rulership. Like Mercury, Venus rules two Zodiac signs -- Taurus & Libra. Taurus is the Fixed Earth sign; Libra is the Cardinal Air Sign. Venus is associated with the 2nd & 7th Houses of the natural horoscope -- which ....


The View from Venus Series

The View from Venus 1 -- Tiny Treats About Venus ---> Always a woman ---> Venus in Astrology is a distinctly feminine planet, representing the feminine principle in life in the way Mars represents undisguised masculinity. Thus her temperament may be just as varied and interesting, just as volatile as notoriously passionate Mars, but it is definitely different in the same way that men and women in real life display the same emotions and reactions ... differently. It's hard to explain. One of those things you pretty much have to experience to understand. But most people by the time they're six years old -- maybe younger -- can ....

The View from Venus 2 -- Tiny Treats About Venus ---> How you build connections ---> Like Mercury, Venus rules two signs in Astrology, Taurus, the Fixed Earth Sign and Libra, the Cardinal Air Sign. Mainstream popular culture -- which amounts to "astrology for the masses" reduces the symbolism of Venus down to "Money and Love" -- two categories that certainly perk up people's interest. Who doesn't want to hear about that? And who doesn't want more of both? But that's a pretty simplified, bare-bones description of the complexities of Venus. Widen the lens a bit and you see something interesting. In her Libra guise, Venus rules ....

The View from Venus 3 -- Tiny Treats About Venus ---> Simple / not simple ---> Venus presides over two essential life areas ... interests that basically boil down to "love and money." But those simple categories cover a lot more real-life territory. Venus rules relationships, partnerships, connections based on both affection and legal contracts. She deals with public relations and all involvements with allies and "other people" including work arrangements and social cooperation. She's also in charge of things like income, possessions, the management of material resources, spending habits and all financial ....

The View from Venus 4 -- Tiny Treats About Venus ---> Social fairness ---> In contrast to Mars, whose default reaction to a problem is belligerence ... coercion, force, saber-rattling and a "war" on something, Venus is interested in more inclusive, less authoritarian issues, like justice, fairness, equality, harmony and diplomacy. She works through situations that often involve compromise and cooperation. She wants everyone to have fair treatment ... but everyone to do his fair share of work. She wants conditions where "everybody is happy," but she's not above being the iron fist in the velvet glove to make this ....


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