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Venus in Pisces *
Love that Inspires and Heals

by Rebecca Brents


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Venus in Astrology

In Astrology, Venus symbolizes the individual's social self & social instincts, the ability to form & participate in relationships, his ability to build & manage alliances & partnerships -- as well as his need for partners & social connections.

Venus represents money, material assets, physical goods, abstract personal values, the ability to provide love, care & protection, to offer help, support & encouragement. Venus is the principle of attraction, one's more feminine & responsive yin energy, & the capacity to promote comfort & harmony -- to take others into consideration.

Venus is always found in either the same sign as the Sun, or within two signs before or after. Venus retrogrades about once a year ... & therefore despite its closer proximity to the Sun in the Solar System, & its closer orbit, it still takes about a year for Venus to complete a circle of the Zodiac ... just as it does the Sun itself.


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Venus represents:
  • Your capacity to conduct relationships
  • Your need for money and pleasure
  • Your "style" of offering and seeking love -- what you look to give and receive

Venus' position by sign and house gives information about your way of conducting relationships, the kind of partners and partnerships that appeal to you, the role of associates and associations in your life, the kind of love you are looking for -- and to a lesser extent the kind of love you offer.

Venus describes your receptivity, diplomatic skills, and means of handling cooperative, teamwork arrangements. It also indicates the way you acquire, handle, and relate to money -- as a symbol of your deeper values.


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Pisces is:
  • Altruistic, generous, idealistic, inspirational, self-sacrificing
  • Clairvoyant, psychic, sensitive, intuitive, in tune with higher states of consciousness
  • Compassionate, empathetic, gentle, tender, tolerant, forgiving

Pisces' energy is involved with the soul's inner world, with issues of rest, recuperation, and healing, with understanding and acceptance, with understanding the greater meaning behind life's events, and with gaining the wisdom and significance that makes even the worst sort of life trials bearable, in the end.

Pisces is gentle, passive, non-resistant, compassionate, quiet, visionary, and transcendent.


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More about Pisces

Pisces is dedicated to gaining the insight and skill that heals suffering, soothes pain, and that offers another perspective on life -- one without the painful limitations we all know. Pisces deals with matters of faith, divine love, restoration ... and with a belief in Karmic balance that will eventually bring resolution where there is injustice and correction to that which needs to be realigned.

Pisces is both the mystic and the martyr, the healer and the helpless "victim," the sickly invalid and the saint. This energy covers an astonishingly broad range of suffering and salvation, witlessness and wisdom. Pisces is the energy that takes on a life of sorrow in order to rise above appearances and limitations ... and reach into the realms of spiritual ascension and enlightenment.

Pisces is the energy of patience, forbearance, forgiveness, tolerance, and acceptance that dissolves what is ready for new levels of expression and resurrection back to its spiritual elements ... in preparation for the upsurging zest of Aries -- soon to come.


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When things go wrong

The downside of this combination, of course, occurs when it is stressed, traditionally bringing out the worst features of both the operating principle -- Venus -- and the sign qualities -- Pisces.

When corrupted, Venus' energy is:

  • Beset by difficulties in relationships
  • Unable to find emotional fulfillment
  • Chronically "unhappy," jealous, possessive


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When corrupted, Pisces energy is:

  • Excessively willing to sacrifice self for others ... or to some higher "cause," always "the martyr"
  • Helpless, limited, "imprisoned," ... including through psychological complexes and actual institutionalization
  • Vague, victimized, impractical, gullible, too trusting, unfocused, insufficiently self-protective


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When Venus is in Pisces

When Venus is in Pisces, the conduct of relationships is marked by an almost mystical vision of love and its power to move, transform, and heal the human soul.


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Venus in Pisces, stressed

Under stress, all this delicate idealism degenerates quickly into neurosis, helplessness, hypersensitivity, confusion, and emotional distress. There is an excessive tendency to be or feel victimized, and to be self-sacrificing to the point of being self-destructive.

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The View from Venus 1 -- Tiny Treats About Venus ---> Always a woman ---> Venus in Astrology is a distinctly feminine planet, representing the feminine principle in life in the way Mars represents undisguised masculinity. Thus her temperament may be just as varied and interesting, just as volatile as notoriously passionate Mars, but it is definitely different in the same way that men and women in real life display the same emotions and reactions ... differently.

The View from Venus 2 -- Tiny Treats About Venus ---> How you build connections ---> Like Mercury, Venus rules two signs in Astrology, Taurus, the Fixed Earth Sign and Libra, the Cardinal Air Sign. Mainstream popular culture -- which amounts to "astrology for the masses" reduces the symbolism of Venus down to "Money and Love" -- two categories that certainly perk up people's interest. Who doesn't want to hear about that? And who doesn't want more of both?

The View from Venus 3 -- Tiny Treats About Venus ---> Simple / not simple ---> Venus presides over two essential life areas ... interests that basically boil down to "love and money." But those simple categories cover a lot more real-life territory. Venus rules relationships, partnerships, connections based on both affection and legal contracts. She deals with public relations and all involvements with allies and "other people" including work arrangements and social cooperation.

The View from Venus 4 -- Tiny Treats About Venus ---> Social fairness ---> In contrast to Mars, whose default reaction to a problem is belligerence ... coercion, force, saber-rattling and a "war" on something, Venus is interested in more inclusive, less authoritarian issues, like justice, fairness, equality, harmony and diplomacy. She works through situations that often involve compromise and cooperation. She wants everyone to have fair treatment ... but everyone to do his fair share of work.


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