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What Does Venus Represent in Your Natal Chart?
What is it ... and why is it important?

by Rebecca Brents


pink camellia
Pink is a Venus color.

Named for the goddess of love

Venus, modestly shrouded in clouds when photographed, is named for the mythological goddess of love. It is often seen as the evening star -- so bright and shimmering some say it gets mistaken for a UFO. Maybe. Maybe not.

It is also the astrological symbol for how a person works with and relates to things of value, including his social self, his need and ability to form relationships, the feminine side of his romantic soul -- and a strong indicator of the kind of love he both offers and wants to receive.


bee on pink flowers

Symbol for relationships, material support and other things of value

Like Mercury, Venus does double duty. It is also the inner self which deals with the material world, the world of the senses. It thus represents one's aesthetic sensibilities, connections to culture and art, and involvement with all physical resources including money and possessions.

So, in Astrology, Venus represents your power to attract love and conduct relationships; your need for money and pleasure; your involvement with income, possessions and material "things." It shows what you look for in relationships, what you offer another person as a partner; what you really enjoy and take pleasure in -- essentially, what you love.


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How you work with money and partnerships

Again, in the broadest sense, Venus deals with "values" ... abstract, tangible, personal, emotional, financial, sensual, social. In other words, Venus is involved with your earthy, temporal, mundane values. By house and sign position, it describes how you acquire, manipulate, respond to and spend material resources, and the values you apply and look for in the partners you acquire.

It is the inner self that describes you in terms of "what you love" and "how you sustain and support yourself." In that way, it represents how you attract what you need to survive.


pink floribunda

Venus ... in a nutshell

It represents:

  • Your capacity to conduct relationships
  • Your need for money and pleasure
  • Your "style" of offering and seeking love -- what you look to give and receive
  • What you may project onto another -- when "opposites" attract
  • Your "values" -- as an expression of personal needs fulfilled through others
  • Your sense of beauty and harmony
  • Your manner of handling all aspects of your financial and material life
  • Your conduct as a close personal partner


pink and white flowers

One symbol of feminine energy

Along with the Moon, Venus shows a great deal about the way a person expresses feminine energy in his or her character. And Venus is never more than two signs away from the Sun in a chart. Thus its energy, its qualities, and abilities, are always very supportive of your ambitions, your self-image, and your essential being.

In the language of metaphor ... which, of course, is the language of Astrology, Venus shows how you need connections to other people, and the ability to have and manage relationships, in order to live well. It's no secret ... even in a Natal Chart. To get along in this world, you gotta have love and money.


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