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When Venus Is in Leo

by Rebecca Brents


When Venus is in Leo, people see relationships as extensions of themselves. They use personal charisma -- showing off all the wonderful traits they have and all the wonderful things they are -- to attract love. Romantic gestures are exuberant, magnanimous, playful and flamboyant. They want attention that makes them the center of their lover's universe ... and their bids to be noticed are unmistakable.

With Venus in Leo, people really notice the love, romantic possibilities, leisure interests, and other sources of pleasure in their lives -- or the glaring lack thereof. They look for "money and possessions" to support their self-image, and use these things for the ego strokes they want ... and as ways to show love.

Under stress, with Venus in Leo efforts to be "popular" and hog the spotlight in relationships are excessive. Personal needs are dramatically and arrogantly promoted. A self-centered, demanding, childish style of relating to partners emerges and personal vanity involving both love and money causes problems.


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