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Virgo is the Mutable Earth Sign

by Rebecca Brents


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Virgo is an Earth Sign

Flexible Practicality

Virgo is the Mutable Earth sign. As an Earth sign, Virgo is interested in life's practicalities, the conduct of business that directly sustains life, the use of material resources, the management of physical assets, the establishment of structures that make life safer, that help it feel better physically for the effort Virgo invests. For Virgo, there is no such thing as "good enough."

Virgo centers its attention on life's daily routines, the mundane details that can become invisible -- until the work doesn't get done. Virgo is concerned with service performed to perfection ... and the standard care of the physical body -- through things like nutrition, diet, exercise, rest, and sensible health care programs.

As a Mutable sign, Virgo doesn't "stay the course" like Taurus, or step into the role of "mover and shaker" like Capricorn. It is flexible, pliant, adaptable. Often, however, this means it is easily distracted, that it "gets lost in the details" of its own work schedule, can wear itself to a workaholic frazzle trying to tie up infinite loose ends, become obsessed with tiny flaws and the lack of "perfection" in a world where perfection is an abstract notion to start with.

Virgo frets and fusses over pettiness and trivia. It criticizes, carps, complains and insists on "getting things done right ... but it can turn in better actual work on a bad day than most of the other signs can do by giving a project 100% of their ability 24/7. For all that Virgos drive the rest of us crazy ... you gotta admire their quality!


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Summing it up

Virgo is the Indefatigable Worker ... the person able to accomplish amazing amounts of work efficiently, make productive use of his own time and labor, tie up all the loose ends, tend to the inevitable myriad of little details, and turn in an exemplary job ... on schedule and within budget.

Virgo works to achieve flexibility in:

  • The physical realm -- by working with the details of physical life, the efficient use of available resources, practical application of skills and education,
  • Health and lifestyle issues -- looking for the most effective, "best" way to achieve maximum benefit at minimum cost
  • Everyday routines, mundane chores and responsibilities, the basic efforts at "taking care of life's normal business" -- examining what works well and what works "better" -- analyzing and using these new discoveries
  • A willingness to discard, refine or adjust existing strategies, structures, approaches in search of something better -- searching ultimately for "perfection" in what works

Earth signs are concerned with issues of practical achievement, the use of financial and material resources, the things needed to sustain physical life.

Horoscopes for the Season of Virgo
August 23 to September 22


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The Other Earth Signs

* Taurus Is Fixed Earth -- Solid Practicality ---> Taurus is the Fixed Earth Sign ---> Taurus is Fixed Earth. His personality emphasizes practical accomplishment, the manipulation or acquisition of tangible property, the effective use of energy and other resources, making and nurturing investments, enjoying the physical side of life, and having something "real" to show for his efforts.

* Capricorn Is Cardinal Earth -- Dynamic Practicality ---> Earth Signs ---> There are three Earth Signs in the Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. These three signs tend to get along well with each other because of their common values. Earth is the quality associated with common sense, groundedness, practicality, and a natural talent for dealing with the physical business of life. The ambitions of the Earth signs are different from the "personality based" aims of the Fire signs, the heavy-duty intellectual interests of the Air signs, or the emotional and intuitive focus of the Water signs.


The Other Mutable Signs

* Gemini Is the Mutable Air Sign -- Flexible Intellect ---> Gemini is the Spring Air Sign. ---> A beautiful mind ---> Gemini is Mutable Air. His values emphasize the manipulation of ideas. He excels at applying information, gathering knowledge, getting feedback, sharing opinions, communicating, molding data into shapes that provide insight or solve problems. Remember, Air signs thrive in the realm of ideas, concepts, principles, teaching and learning, reading and writing, conversation and brainstorming.

* Sagittarius Is Mutable Fire -- Adaptable Initiative ---> Fire Signs ---> There are three Fire Signs in the Zodiac: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius These three signs tend to get along well with each other because of their common values. In Astrology, this is the quality associated with leadership issues, ambitions based on personal charisma, a fondness for seizing the initiative when choosing to act, and a reputation for showing enthusiasm and even zealotry in their personal character.

* Pisces is the Mutable Water Sign ---> Pisces is the Mutable Water Sign ---> At heart, this gentle sign is the most pliant, permeable, and fragile member of the Zodiac ... completely in keeping with the serene stillness of a quiet standing pond ... or the foggy swirls of mist that shift only in response to outside movement. Pisces is a creature of amazing emotional depth, psychic awareness, empathy and compassion. He "knows" through feelings ... with an emotional complexity that is truly indescribable.


  elements  qualities  virgo  500 Words or Less  


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