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On the Horizon
The Lunation in Libra
September 28, 2019

by Rebecca Brents


On the Horizon is our monthly horoscope forecast for Premium Members. They receive it as an Ezine in their email or they can visit and read it on the website. It gives a detailed analysis of the month's current trends, based on the latest New Moon Lunation. It also contains specific advice and information on four important personal life areas:

  • Your outward personal interests ... where to concentrate attention
  • Your intellectual concerns ... how to use ideas and information
  • Your social and financial issues ... how to work with relationships and money
  • Your present area of creativity and power ... how and where to take action to make progress on your goals

Below is a sample of the introduction
from a past issue.


The Dominant Energy in the World Right Now

What we're all going through ...

Good gracious, just look at that stellium in Aries this month -- five planets ... half the astrological sky ... invested in initiative, new beginnings, action and the drive to pursue personal ambitions.

To an astrologer, the practice of setting New Years' resolutions on January 1 and hoping something will come of them seems arbitrary and faintly ridiculous. There is absolutely nothing magical about January 1. It's a completely random human invention -- and yet for some reason we set it up as some kind of milestone ... and run our lives by it.

If you want help, determination and cosmic support -- the natural flow of life and human development behind your wishes and commitments, the New Moon in Aries ... and the several weeks following it ... is the place of power. Even without an alignment like this one, there's plenty of force and drive urging you to set a new course, start a new chapter, become the next version of your unfolding self.

So ... here we are. And if you're at all inclined to make anything such as this happen in your world this year, now's the time to gather your ideas, your ambitions, your resolve and courage ... and launch the next segment of your journey.



The Lunation in Aries is always the most important of the new year when acting on new initiatives, pursuing ambitions and just getting things going again. Heart and spirit are finally together in the sign of enterprise and daring. No wonder spring has such a fabulous, well deserved reputation for new beginnings.

But Spring hasn't brought much joy for a while -- and for anyone with Natal Planets in the mid-to-late degrees of Cardinal signs -- Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn -- the road has been especially rocky. The worst is over, but what's ahead is still not easy. Maybe somewhere in there you'll see a silver lining.

The house that holds 19 - 25° Aries and the house that holds those same degrees in Capricorn (where the Uranus / Pluto square has formed) are really duking it out. They have been for a while, and they'll be at it for a while. Even the aftermath of their conflict will be stressful. When these slow-moving Karmic planets settle in and get crossways, they really kick up sand ... and they do it for a long, long time.

So, I'll keep talking about what's happening and why. And on your side of the aisle, notice how that energy shows up in your real life drama. See what it's trying to achieve -- and find creative ways to both live with it ... and help it happen. Put yourself on the side of the inevitable changes. It's the only safe, sane way to weather this storm and wind up in any decent shape.


Here's what the Lunation Chart looks like this month.
The Lunation in Aries


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