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The Full Moon in Taurus Opposing the Sun in Scorpio
Balancing Stability vs. Radical Change

by Rebecca Brents


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Saving & spending

This Full Moon was across the Taurus / Scorpio axis. Both are major money signs, so at least one of the conflicts on your list may deal with financial matters -- income & spending vs. investing & saving.

Globally, we could see major shifts in the world economy, which could have implications for you. The stock market is up since Tuesday's election, but analysts are cautious ... noting how lop-sided the gains are in certain sectors ... namely financial stocks.

Unless you have a portfolio you play with regularly, this may not mean much to you. But there are certainly concerns here that affect you regardless of who you are -- and where your $$$ comes from. Essentially, these matters still down to personal values. How do you handle money and other things of value? How do these choices reflect and describe your personal values?


Keeping thing stable while engaging radical change

If this time finds you especially uneasy -- or "conflicted" (smile) -- about money matters, events in the next few weeks will likely bring information or an event that clarifies your thinking, that helps you make an important choice -- one way or the other.

This change in your perspective may be "big enough" that you need a few days to really consider what it contains, what it tells you, what it invites or compels you to do.

So be prepared to give it due consideration. Taurus especially is not prone to impulse ... and it hates all kinds of changes and any sudden moves. Scorpio, on the other hand, is given to radical actions, cataclysmic choices, things designed to destroy a problem completely ... and then rebuild from the ruins.

You can see why these two energies give each other heartburn, especially when they are involved with such survival structures as income, spending, possessions, property and stability -- or revolution.


Is it really all about money?

While money is certainly a major suspect in this Full Moon Face-off, it's possible that something other than money itself but still related to your financial interests is the real source of conflict in your life.

The Taurus Moon's location will define a life-area where you have "things of value" you want to keep stable, secure and under your control ... in a very "business as usual" kind of way.

The Scorpio Sun's location will define a place where major changes are underway -- like it or not -- and if they haven't revealed their entire scope to you yet, this disclosure may be the "informative event" I mentioned a minute ago.

What are the two areas of life where you need to concentrate your attention to find resolution to this matter? Where do you need to expect "action and reaction" -- or where do you need radical change ... and where do you look for increased stability to counteract the resulting shift in your life's balance of power?


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Last updated May 26th, 2021

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