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Light Lessons

by Rebecca Brents


Welcome to Light Lessons

I've written this as a new feature for the site, to show you practical, effective ways to work with the astrological currents to make sense of the world, to find your place in it and to refine your thinking so that you see both your life and outside events in better perspective.

Doing this, I am often surprised at what I discover -- points I hadn't considered, options and possible action steps I'd otherwise have missed, themes that frame my life in an interesting context that gets easily lost while I piddle around on trifling details. When life gets really strange, these new ways of thinking become really helpful.

What I write and publish here will be designed for both quick consumption .. and serious thought. Entries will be brief -- simple points you can read through quickly, and then think about over the next several days -- or weeks -- or months. I will try hard to keep them around 500 - 600 words.

That's less than one typed page -- but I can pack a lot of stuff in that box. Things to think about ... and maybe discuss. Things to journal -- if you keep one. Things to ponder and meditate on. Things to deliberately take into account. Things that will show you another world at work alongside of and beneath the surface of the conscious, sometimes confusing and frantic, everyday life where you think you live.

Effective life-building takes thought and action. One without the other doesn't cut it. Thought without action is day-dreaming. Action without thought is a chaotic recipe for disaster. Anything good that comes from either is an unexpected accident. Nobody needs more of that. So, give this experiment a fair chance. Don't just read through the text and move on without a good-faith effort to digest it further -- later and on your own time.

It may take several days and sincere listening from you for life to reveal what it wants to tell you. But if you ask the questions, the answers will come. Sometimes immediately, sometimes eventually. Years of living and working with metaphysical principles have convinced me this is true.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. There's a lot of claptrap in most religious writing, but that sentence is one of the jewels. You don't have to take my word for it. Prove it to yourself ... like I did. (Like I do. Almost daily.) Your best teacher is your own experience.

So, if you decide to take this journey, be prepared to do the homework. That's your part of the contract. Forgetting about what you've read helps no one. These are issues that take some time to unpack, understand and integrate into the larger story of your life.

I know that takes work -- and finding ways to wedge it into what may already be a brimful life with little time or energy to spare may take genius -- and resolve. Done correctly, these exercises will help you find more of all that -- and make more value in what you create. Creation is the key.


The journey begins ...

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