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Understanding The Full Moon
For Everyone
A Conflict in Values

by Rebecca Brents


Understanding The Full Moon

Let's talk about the meaning, energy and dynamics of the Full Moon -- any full moon. We get one every month and while the themes and interests change each time, some things stay constant.

Full Moons are about choices -- achieving balance between opposing needs, priorities, interests and life strategies. Each pair contains two extreme sets of ideas that balance somewhere in the middle.

Your job is to balance them in your life in ways that work for you. That place won't be right smack in the middle, but somewhere in the middle. A place that works. That feels good. That helps you build a life that satisfies you. This doesn't happen at either extreme.

The problem is, if you repress either side too hard for too long, the disenfranchised underdog will eventually break out in literally a revolution, seize power, and cram its agenda in your face so you have to live with it finally, finally, finally ... long enough that you won't ignore it again any time soon. (Sound familiar?)

Finding something workable and satisfying "in the middle" is tough when that happens. Passions are high. Anger is everywhere. So is fear. You feel these emotions at and with yourself -- inner conflict with your own behavior -- as well as with other people. (The "they and them" you're so upset with.) If you're smart, you don't force situations that bring this on.


It's yours, believe it or not

Full Moons highlight issues and conflicts that are opposing energies in you. They are both pieces of you. You may vastly prefer one over the other, but that doesn't make the one you've deemed the red-headed step-child go away.

You create terrible, terrible, terrible problems for yourself if you don't acknowledge him (or her), work with him, accommodate him in ways that draw him into your Inner Family circle and give his concerns, ideas and needs a place in your priorities

That means a location where it is regularly addressed -- not one shoved to the bottom again and again. When this Inner Self needs your attention, he needs readily available ways to get it.

Responding appropriately to the stresses and conflicts of each Full Moon gives each of these Inner Selves at least one fair hearing every six months -- if you're doing your job. That means hearing, thinking and making changes -- not shutting him down part way through and moving on.

Full Moon energy very often appears as a "relationship issue." A conflict between you and a partner, you and "other people," you and some outside element in life or society. You're convinced they are causing you problems. They need to get their act together ... (so you don't have to.) That attitude is how it works in your own psychology ... but that's not how it works if you clutch it to you as gospel truth and try to force it on real life.

They won't roll over and play dead forever for your convenience. Nor should you for them. Heal yourself ... and you will heal the world. (You for sure will heal your experience of the world. Everyone is working out his own destiny.)


Closing thoughts / Take-away

In a day or two -- possibly late tonight or tomorrow, there will be a segment here that talks specifically about the tug-of-war between this Taurus Moon and the Scorpio Sun. This energy is powerful for the next few weeks ... and will be an undercurrent of life until the New Moon in Taurus arrives ... late next April.

Meanwhile ... what what do you think are the big conflicts in your life now? With whom or with what are you in serious disagreement? What are you struggling to accomplish ... and who or what is stopping you? Most telling of all ... what are you resisting -- and why? Define your thoughts and feelings clearly enough that you can put them into words.

If these questions bring a flood of answers, make a list and then try to distill them down into no more than 3 "general themes." (Hopefully 3 or less will be enough.) If not, prioritize them and choose the three most important. (If you don't have any answers right away, keep asking. Most importantly, keep listening. See what arrives.)

Define exactly what makes each of these general themes a problem for you. Can you see a "values" conflict supporting each issue? What do you want / what do "they" want? What's important to you -- and why? What's important to "them" -- and why?

Where are you torn between two feelings? Where are you "of two minds?" What are your concerns "on the one hand?" And what are your counter-concerns "on the other?" Your answers may surprise you -- or show you something you hadn't thought of yet. We'll pick up this conversation again in a little while. Stay tuned.



The Full Moon in Taurus Opposing the Sun in Scorpio
Balancing Stability vs. Radical Change


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The Fractiousness and Fracture Lines of the Full Moon -- The crisis is predictable. It happens every month. -- All Full Moons involve some kind of conflict. Usually, as the Full Moon forms ... and for several nights following, you feel pulled in two directions at once, required to try and serve two masters ... no matter how impossible you know that is logically. Life's demands in two opposing / competing areas become equally demanding and intense. ... continue


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