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Examples of Everyday Astrology

by Rebecca Brents


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Everyday Astrology Examples

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Everyday Astrology
May 28, 2019
Mars Sextile Uranus

There's a Mars / Uranus sextile in the sky at the moment. Its influence will hang around for a couple of weeks, so you'll have plenty of time to notice, play with and respond to this fun, unique energy.

It brings a restless antsy mood, but it also raises your desire for fun and excitement -- for something new and different to decorate your life. These are just different flavors of the wish to shake up the status quo and drill some new paths to explore -- so call them what they are.

The chance to make some changes -- and especially in the same-old-same-old -- is just too tempting. One thing you can say when Mars and Uranus get together -- things happen fast. Right now, this is a positive, cooperative arrangement -- so you'll probably like what they create. It may be surprising, but you'll see instantly the gifts they are. That's not always the case.

Best of all, they cobble up the inspiration you need to actually move on new projects. Mars' ability to get the ball rolling on new initiatives can be priceless. Even physics holds that a thing in motion tends to stay in motion. It's getting up to and past that first push that can be such a bear.

Realize this energy is impulsive. Uranus has no patience at all. (Neither does Mars for that matter.) Impulsiveness is its trademark -- and acting fast on inspiration is tailor-made for its desires and designs. Very soon, life at the end of the day could look very different than when it began. Just be aware -- and be ready!


full moon

Everyday Astrology
May 27, 2019
The Moon in Pisces
It's complicated

The Moon in Pisces puts one of Astrology's most complicated planets in what is absolutely the Zodiac's most complicated sign -- so what you meet today in the way of feelings and reactions may be puzzling ... or upsetting ... or informative ... or inspiring, depending on how you deal with it all.

(And since you have to handle it for 2 1/2 days every month, it might be helpful to know what you're up against, what you're working with, and just what all is going on.)

The Moon in Pisces draws on a great breadth of interests and possibilities. It often deals with difficult issues (like it or not, intentionally or otherwise!) It doesn't get bogged down in shallow stuff ... because it's not built for that. And if it does get trapped dealing with trivia or pettiness, it doesn't stay long. It's ability to cut-to-the-chase and deal with trifles quickly, once and for all, is a talent -- one of many.

With the day's Moon in Pisces, the events that happen and perceptions that form will be strongly shaped by emotions and feelings. This will be true for you -- and everyone. Gut reactions are part of the picture ... for better or worse. People think with their feelings with this Moon around ... and when those steer them right, it's terrific. But when they don't ... it can cause serious problems.

You can absorb great chunks of information, basically by osmosis. You don't have to stop and think ... or analyze ... or filter ... or question. In fact, it may be hard to do any of that. You know what you know; you know how you feel -- and your response is immediate ... and powerful. Keep this in mind! It will affect everyone.


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