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* Feng Shui and the Colors of Christmas
A change in decor and design ...
and perhaps a change in philosophy

by Rebecca Brents


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christmas wreath

West meets East

I had an interesting thought about Christmas and its colors the other day. Traditionally, of course, Christmas colors are red and green. Loud, blatant, kind of in-your-face colors, aren't they? Festive and attention-grabbing, sure. But also a little nerve-wracking. In Feng Shui, of course, the color red is the energy of Fire element. The color green is the energy of Wood element.

Astrology and the Western esoteric sciences classify the world into four -- arguably five -- elements. Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Sometimes, Ether -- or Spirit, is on that list, but that's a realm beyond the familiar features of the physical world. Feng Shui and other disciplines of Oriental thought divide the world into five categories, too. Fire, Wood, Earth, Water and Metal.

There are convenient parallels between those divisions with the same name ... but there are also overlaps and extraneous pieces in each system. The two don't merge seamlessly one with the other.

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Feng Shui and the Colors of Christmas

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  feng shui articles  

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