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Spiritual Sunday Example

by Rebecca Brents


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Holy crap! (I say that in the kindest way imaginable. Not even I was expecting this reading. I've spent too many weeks just praying along with everyone else that it wouldn't be god-awful. And now ... this!!)


This week's layout
July 28, 2019

tarot cards


This week's theme
What to expect or focus on

Judgment = the end of a major Life Lesson / cycle ---> summing up ---> rendering a "final verdict" on something you're ready to release, forgive, bury, transcend, consign to the past and move on ---> moving to a higher level of consciousness & experience --->

This card carries a sense of being reborn after a time of effort, trials-&-tribulation, a difficult challenge, a momentous decision. It's the final stage of the death-&-resurrection experience. It contains both a sense of renewal & starting again ... & working from the wisdom of experience. You are not the same person you were just a little while ago & now you're ready to move on from that into whatever comes next.

You may be reacting to a sense of "calling" or destiny. There is a very portentous feeling about this card & the experiences that accompany it. It's time to step into the life that is waiting and the person you have become -- as I said ... born again into something better. It also denotes a spiritual awakening, understanding life -- and your past -- from a different perspective. There is usually a sense of closure that goes with it.


This week's personal issue
What's happening with you

7 of Rods = Taking a stand for who you are / what's important to you / what you believe in ways that attract attention, opposition, disagreement or competition ---> having to defend who you are / what you've done / what you've earned & worked for --->

This card carries a sense of prevailing against pressure, standing up for yourself, defending yourself & what belongs to you. You may face challenges to who you are, to positions you support, to your status & authority, but you're ready & able to withstand this confrontation. There is a hint of surprise in this card, so you may not be expecting this opposition or it may be more than you were expecting. Nevertheless, you can deal with this.


This week's emotional issue
What's happening in your inner world

10 of Cups = a sense of wholeness, completion, emotional satisfaction, contentment, happiness, joy --->

This sounds fabulous and it is, so enjoy it. But it's also temporary. (After all, everything is.) But it's the culmination of a long process -- so there are also hints of closure here. The next step in the process will be dissatisfaction and then dissolution back into the Ace energy of new loves, new prospects, new creative ventures. So ... as I said, enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. Because you've earned it ... and because this is how the creative process works.


This week's intellectual issue
What's on your mind -- how to direct your thoughts

Knight of Swords = powerful intellectual focus ---> possible fixation on a particular idea, interest or cause ---> being driven, proactive, ambitious (even obsessive) ---> "like a dog with a bone" ---> moving forward to express your ideas, to put them out in public, out in the open ---> becoming deeply immersed in a particular subject or perspective --->

This Inner Self has good communication skills, strong opinions -- and may have something to say!


This week's practical issue
How to take care of yourself

8 of Pentacles = being a mastercraftsman / highly skilled at what you do ---> getting adequate compensation for your work / delivering an excellent product or service in return ---> improving your professional efforts in order to increase your income ---> being diligent & industrious

Being professionally competent, showing what you can do to people who appreciate your brand of quality, improving your lifestyle, getting paid what you're worth (what a novel idea!!)


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