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Step by Step Example 1

by Rebecca Brents


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Today's Message is for
Sunday, August 4th, 2019

Mars, The Sun, Venus and Mercury in Leo
Square Uranus in Taurus
Into Late August

Mars, The Sun and Venus in Leo have formed the
departing square with Uranus in Taurus.
And soon, Mercury will, too!

I've advanced this chart about 10 days
so you can see this amazing cluster of planets in Leo.

The theme of this pattern

Restlessness, impulsive decisions, out-of-character choices,
surprises -- and surprising reactions, wanting more freedom!!


Who are the players
and what are they doing?

Mars in Leo = action, self-assertion, raw physical energy ---> aimed at self-promotion

The Sun in Leo = your self-image, your ego needs & willpower ---> your desire for attention

Venus in Leo = your involvement w/ other people, material assets, relationships & $$$, "things of value" ---> that you want to be proud of, that you want to reflect well on you

Mercury in Leo = your conscious mind, your ideas & opinions, the way you handle knowledge & information ---> beliefs & perspectives you want to express & that you want others to respect because they came from you!!

Uranus in Taurus = radical changes in your financial life / support systems ---> fast-moving events / unorthodox solutions to problems ---> more financial independence ---> highly original values ---> progressive attitudes when handling $$$ & possessions ---> ingenious, custom-designed ways of relating to other people & property


What's happening?

Now, before you get all excited about this for one reason or another, this obviously could be terrific ... or it could be a real mess. The truth is ... it will probably be some of both -- just not right away.

Uranus has an orbit that keeps it in a sign for 7 years ... and we've just really gotten this transit of Taurus underway. We still have five or six more years to deal with this change in social norms, assets and behavior.

But by now, it's really clear (!!!) that "the old ways" of dealing with money, property, ownership, wages, capital distribution, possessions and purchases and compensation in general -- basically, the way you get paid for your work aren't cutting it any more.

The distribution of wealth globally is too lop-sided. Too much "old money" in the hands of too few. So people are beginning to understand that the answer to this ("unorthodox solutions" to problems -- remember) is to create new ways to generate and distribute new kinds of wealth. (The advent of cryptocurrency is one expression of this. Believe me, there will be more before long.)

You -- and everyone else on the planet -- are part of this change. It will ultimately revolutionize the way you work with currency, income, payments, compensation and ownership. (Not overnight ... but relatively soon.)

The more people get fed up with being deprived / impoverished / disrespected / exploited / essentially enslaved by their enforced relationship to conventional money, etc., the faster and greater the rise of the resistance. That revolution is coming. Without question.

So, what's exciting about this line-up is not the imminent arrival of upheaval, and chaos, and lynching the plutocrats, etc. The fact is, we meet each of these aspects at least once a year. What's exciting is that they don't usually arrive all clustered together. This certainly condenses and intensifies their message.

I could dissect each of them and explain what's happening and why, but the bottom line on this whole parade is this: Over the next couple of months you are going to reach a redefinition of who you are, what you're worth and how you plan to approach life differently.

It's a mini-version of "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more. For real. You're gaining a new respect for your abilities, for your value as a person, for the contributions you make ... and your conclusion that ... "I deserve better than this" won't be far behind.

The next step, of course, is your decision to do something different ... in order to create something different -- something more in line with your new vision of yourself & your value. Again, this won't happen in a flash -- or overnight.

It will take work, and time and effort to move in different channels with your intentions and creative work. But the spark of revolution -- the one that counts for you personally -- has to start somewhere. And that somewhere ... is here.

Is it possible to waste this? Sure. By doing nothing. But the invitation to step into a different identity and create a much improved future is on the table. And if you pick it up and run with it, the results could be pretty exciting.


What to expect?
  • Gaining more respect for yourself and your talents
  • Showing more willingness to seize the day and take risks
  • Claiming more freedom in your relationships
  • Breaking unproductive connections
  • Approaching important / interesting / helpful people differently
  • Managing money differently -- both in earning & spending
  • Acquiring property & possessions through unorthodox channels
  • Being proud of your knowledge & opinions -- & sharing them (sometimes whether other people want to hear them or not)
  • Thinking way outside the box ---> making original / creative use of information
  • Making different decisions ---> quickly, abruptly, responding to fast-changing conditions & new ideas ---> "on the spur of the moment," "out of character" ---> part of the risk taking I mentioned

Mercury -- which symbolizes your mind / ideas / thought processes / information handling, etc -- comes on board with all this change last ... which is when you'll decide to do something about all this. So expect to really see these changes emerge in a few weeks -- toward the end of August / first of September.


What happens next?

ALL these personal planets will form trines with Jupiter in Sagittarius before they leave Leo. Jupiter is expansion, new learning, optimism, generosity -- which will fuel and intensify what I've described here. Then this quartet moves into Virgo -- where they get down to the practical work of creating a new lifestyle ... based on the changes in perception, values, self-confidence, etc., happening now.


You never know when you are doing something
that is affecting someone.

~ Martin Sheen ~
(Don't know him? It's a link. Click it.)
Born August 3, 1940


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