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* Fractiousness and Fracture Lines: The Full Moon -- The crisis is predictable. It happens every month. by Rebecca Brents Modified November 13th, 2019
One of life's great divides All Full Moons involve some kind of conflict. Usually, as the Full Moon forms ... and for several nights following, you feel pulled in two directions at once...

Working with Saturn and his Transits by Rebecca Brents Modified September 19th, 2019
Saturn deals with things that are hard, solid and challenging So, where is it? Where is Saturn transiting through your Natal Chart? (It's at about 15° of Capricorn as I write thi...

* About the Sun 1 by Rebecca Brents Modified September 7th, 2019
Note: This is a random collection of "things to know about the Sun in Astrology," listed in no particular order, but it gives a pretty complete description of what this essential point of refe...

* Lunar Folks in a Sun Sign World -- When the Moon is your guiding light by Rebecca Brents Modified September 2nd, 2019
A place in the Sun It would seem life in "the outer world" is built for Sun Sign folks. Maybe that's as it should be. Even mainstream Astrology ... the kind most people know, at least f...

* Your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign -- Just What's Going On Here? by Rebecca Brents Modified September 1st, 2019
Three ways of defining you ... The short answer to this question is: Your Sun sign tells about your basic ego, your Moon sign tells about you emotional inner self, and your Ascendant te...

Meeting the Mysteries of Neptune by Rebecca Brents Modified July 28th, 2019
Advanced Studies The Natal House that holds transiting Neptune is being influenced now by some of the most complex and mysterious energy the Zodiac ... and the Cosmos ... have to offer. ...

* Turn Mercury Retrograde into an Inner Experience by Rebecca Brents Modified July 21st, 2019
Go inward Mercury rules all functions of the mind and all forms of transportation and physical mobility. When Mercury turns retrograde -- as is legendary in everyday experience -- the c...

* Mercury Retrograde and Shadow-Mode by Rebecca Brents Modified July 21st, 2019
The real life truth of Mercury Retrograde When Mercury turns retrograde (in any sign), look at the degrees of the Zodiac it will cover in its backward retreat. Mercury's "official" retr...

Mystical Musings #1 by Rebecca Brents Modified July 8th, 2019
On Astrology Astrology is a metaphysical discipline that has been practiced -- and has survived -- for thousands of years. Sometimes that itself seems like a miracle. Astrology certainl...

* Moon Magic by Rebecca Brents Modified June 29th, 2019
Secrets and mysteries The Moon has a mystique all its own. It is often associated with secrecy and mystery ... and is associated with strange, uncanny powers. It evokes a peculiar rang...

* Full Moon / New Moon? Or New Moon / Full Moon? -- Variations on the rhythms of life by Rebecca Brents Modified June 14th, 2019
Different rhythms It's a subtle difference, I admit, but it's there nevertheless. Life's psychological rhythm has a different sequence, depending on whether the New Moon in a particular...

* What The Sun in Your Natal Chart -- Reveals About You -- The center of your horoscope / -- the center of your personality by Rebecca Brents Modified May 20th, 2019
The Sun ... it's just the beginning Despite its powerful influence in familiar mainstream astrology, The Sun in your horoscope gives a whole lot more information to an astrologer than s...

* How to Get Along with Aries by Rebecca Brents Modified May 3rd, 2019
Aries is the Spring Fire Sign. Just don't There's one sure way to get along with Aries -- don't get in his way. Aries is not patient. Those four words are a masterpiece of understateme...

* Aries ... on Temperament and Temper by Rebecca Brents Modified April 28th, 2019
Aries is the first sign of Spring. A matter of perspective From the descriptions written of Aries -- across the board from the anonymous authors of dime-store Sun Sign booklets to the ...

* Speaking of Mars Gemini -- A casual essay about this combination by Rebecca Brents Modified April 6th, 2019
From practical Taurus to curious Gemini When Mars moves from Taurus to Gemini, the change takes some of the pressure off your financial interests and fires up your intellect instead. ...

* The Personal Signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer -- They Operate Through Direct Action and Experience by Rebecca Brents Modified April 4th, 2019
Up front and uncomplicated The first four signs of the Zodiac are the Personal Signs -- Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. They engage life and understand the world through their own dir...

* Born on the Cusp in Astrology -- The Technical Explanation by Rebecca Brents Modified March 24th, 2019
A cusp is an edge A cusp, in architecture, physiology, dentistry ... and astrology, is a point where two things touch, intersect, or fit together -- one against the other. In astrology ...

* What Does It Mean to be 'Born on the Cusp?' -- Bridging from one sign to the next by Rebecca Brents Modified March 24th, 2019
Don't get technical on me, ok? Being "born on the cusp" to most people means a birthday (usually their own) falls on or about the 21st of the month. This is approximately the day the Su...

* Feminine Signs -- The Earth and Water Signs by Rebecca Brents Modified February 24th, 2019
Signs of Practicality and Emotion Where masculine signs are dynamic, self-motivating and proactive, feminine signs take a more subtle, passive approach when dealing with challenge or wo...

* Dividing the Zodiac -- Organizing signs that share common ground by Rebecca Brents Modified February 20th, 2019
Mixing, matching and grouping the signs There are several ways to divide the Zodiac signs into different classifications -- based on different criteria. The simplest way assigns gender ...

* What's the Difference Between -- A Solar and a Lunar Eclipse? -- Different Issues ... Different Requests for Your Attention by Rebecca Brents Modified February 13th, 2019
The physics of it A Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the sunlight from view for a short time. ( Earth ---> Moon ---> Sun ) A Lunar Ecli...

* Eclipses -- Special Alignments between -- The Sun, The Moon and The Earth -- for those who like their Astrology straight-up and hard core by Rebecca Brents Modified January 6th, 2019
An eclipse -- why it happens In ancient times, eclipses were viewed with fear and wariness -- since they were imperfectly understood. But even today, when we fully understand the cause ...

* Life As Drama -- Mars in Pisces Sextile Pluto in Capricorn -- Late December 2018 through Early January 2019 by Rebecca Brents Modified December 25th, 2018
Who are the players? What are the characters? What is the action? How does it end? Basic stuff to know about Mars Mars in Astrology symbolizes physical energy ... and how you use it. ...

* Today's Thoughts on -- Sagittarius 2018 -- The 'renewal phase' of Scorpio ---> especially now ... and especially regarding relationships by Rebecca Brents Modified December 8th, 2018
Release? Or revival? It may be time to pick yourself up and start over -- especially regarding some important relationships you've been involved with for quite some time. The New Moon i...

* Today's Thoughts on -- The New Moon in Sagittarius 2018 by Rebecca Brents Modified December 6th, 2018
The Story of Life It repeats every month The Waxing Moon ---> Every month, the cycle of life is played out symbolically in the heavens -- from the new beginnings at every New Moon .....

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