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Solar Power -- the horoscope's central player by Rebecca Brents Modified April 21st, 2019
The Solar Power Series Tiny essays on the role and meaning of the Sun in Astrology Quick to read, easy to digest, easy to remember The Sun in Astrology ... the best-known of the bunc...

What is a Horoscope? -- Astrology's Most Essential Tool by Rebecca Brents Modified April 20th, 2019
Sometimes this word is used to designate the forecast or prediction of events based on the alignment of planets in the sky at any given time. As such, it has been seriously abused and twisted ...

* Coming Alive with the New Moon in Aries -- Welcome to the start of the REAL New Year by Rebecca Brents Modified April 5th, 2019
The power place of new beginnings With the arrival of Aries every year, we come again to a place of new beginnings. We've made another journey around the spiral of creation -- and hopef...

* Meditation for the New Moon in Aries -- The Sun and Moon conjunct in Aries by Rebecca Brents Modified April 5th, 2019
Aries' symbol is the ram. Affirmations for the energy of the New Moon in Aries I use my impatience and anger constructively ...to make positive changes in my life. I respect the pow...

Articles on Retrograde Motion in Astrology -- What retrograde motion means -- and what planets in retrograde mean by Rebecca Brents Modified April 5th, 2019
General Articles on Retrograde Motion * Retrograde Motion -- What's this all about? ---> Reversing course ---> All the planets astrologers use to decode the spiritual language of the co...

* Working with the Metaphors of Retrograde Energy by Rebecca Brents Modified March 8th, 2019
Slowing down ... or appearing to When a planet goes into retrograde -- or comes out again, it doesn't just stop on a dime and start racing at its usual speed in the opposite direction. ...

* This Thing Called Retrograde Motion -- What it means in plain English by Rebecca Brents Modified March 8th, 2019
Turning inward What is this thing called retrograde motion? Wherever it's found, in the sky or in a horoscope, retrograde energy means the matters represented by the retrograde planet...

* Retrograde Motion -- What's this all about? by Rebecca Brents Modified March 7th, 2019
Reversing course All the planets astrologers use to decode the spiritual language of the cosmos exhibit a phenomenon known as retrograde motion. Very simply, there are times from Earth'...

* In the Company of the Goddess -- Venus ... the Symbol of Love in the Zodiac by Celeste L. Walker Modified March 5th, 2019
The planet Venus as a symbol in Astrology represents our sense of beauty and comfort, the way we deal with money and issues of physical support, and the way we manage our close relationships. ...

* Venus -- Astrology's Symbol for Love and Money -- Deciphering the Pleasure Principle in the Horoscope by Rebecca Brents Modified March 5th, 2019
Partnership and assets Venus in astrology is about the experience of shared support and comfort. It's about pleasure and enjoyment. It's about partnership and alliances -- including mar...

* What's the Difference Between -- A Solar and a Lunar Eclipse? -- Different Issues ... Different Requests for Your Attention by Rebecca Brents Modified February 13th, 2019
The physics of it A Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the sunlight from view for a short time. ( Earth ---> Moon ---> Sun ) A Lunar Ecli...

Horoscopes When the Sun is in Aquarius -- January 19 to February 18 by Rebecca Brents Modified January 21st, 2019
If your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant is in Aries Spend time with friends this month. Cultivate new social contacts, network (!!), and listen to the ideas sparked by like-minded thinkers...

* Born with the Sun in Aquarius -- The Aquarius Character by Rebecca Brents Modified January 21st, 2019
The symbol of Aquarius is the water-carrier. With a little help from your friends Friends play a very special part in the life of an Aquarius. In fact, for you, they make life worth livi...

* Mercury in Your Natal Chart -- Fore, Aft and Center by Rebecca Brents Modified December 18th, 2018
Mercury, named for the Roman god of commerce, communication and messages, has come to symbolize in Astrology, the way a Native employs his mind, wit, charm, and intellect, the way he communica...

Why Take Astrology Seriously? -- Oh, the things Astrology -- can do for you!! by Rebecca Brents Modified November 19th, 2018
It's more than a newspaper fun-feature. Astrology provides an interesting road-map that can help you "decode" some of the mysteries of your life, your relationships, other people, your ...

* Mercury ... and the Miracle of the Mind -- Astrology's Search for Intelligent Life by Celeste L. Walker Modified November 19th, 2018
As an Astrologer I see both the mundaneness of common knowledge -- handling the basic facts of awareness and everyday rituals -- and a touch of miracles in Mercury. In Astrology, this planet n...

* The Positive Side of Mercury Retrograde -- The Bright Side of a Pesky Problem by Rebecca Brents Modified November 17th, 2018
Every cloud has a silver lining While the time of Mercury Retrograde can, indeed, seem like a pothole in the pathway of progress ... because of the confusion and "mis-communication" for...

* On the Horizon -- The Lunation in Scorpio 2018 -- Current Issue -- Our Premium Members -- Monthly Astrology Ezine by Rebecca Brents Modified November 14th, 2018
Forecast for the New Moon in Scorpio What we're all going through ... I suppose I should get this out while the Lunation in Scorpio is still ... you know ... a thing! I actually got it...

* What is a Blue Moon? by Serenity Chappell Modified November 6th, 2018
One term, three definitions As if to prove something can never just be easy, there are three definitions of a Blue Moon. All describe an unusual type of Full Moon. Once upon a time -- a...

So what IS a Black Moon? by Serenity Chappell Modified November 5th, 2018
Sure most people have heard of a "blue moon" ... as in "once in a blue moon." Not so many can give you even one of the several definitions for that, though. They know it means a long time -- e...

* How to Use the Void-of-Course Moon by Serenity Chappell Modified November 3rd, 2018
Take time out Sooo, what can you do while the Moon is void-of-course ... besides stay under the covers and wait for deliverance??? Well, it's a good time to tend to routine chores, like...

* The Full Moon in Taurus -- Opposing the Sun in Scorpio -- Balancing Things of Value and Personal Control Modified November 2nd, 2018
A time to consider property, values ... Astrologically, the Moon in Taurus opposing the Sun in Scorpio brings up issues of property and wealth, control over possessions, and the ability...

* Born with the Sun in Scorpio -- The Scorpio Character by Rebecca Brents Modified November 1st, 2018
Scorpios handle a crucial phase of life's business Scorpios have extremely important work to do in life, so I suppose it's only fair to indulge them for being so reserved and solitary. ...

* In the Spotlight -- The Sun in Scorpio by Rebecca Brents Modified November 1st, 2018
In Astrology, The Sun symbolizes your essential focus -- the personal growth steps this life contains ... and the larger life lessons you're working with now. Scorpio energy deals with powerfu...

* When the Sun is in Scorpio 2 -- Scorpio energy for real life by Rebecca Brents Modified October 23rd, 2018
A change of moods and seasons Around October 22 / 23 every year, the Sun moves into Scorpio. All sign changes bring different interests, different perspectives and moods, but the one be...

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