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* Full Moon / New Moon? Or New Moon / Full Moon? -- Variations on the rhythms of life by Rebecca Brents Modified May 23rd, 2020
Different rhythms It's a subtle difference, I admit, but it's there nevertheless. Life's psychological rhythm has a different sequence, depending on whether the New Moon in a particular...

* The Full Moon in Libra Opposing the Sun Aries -- Balancing Your Need for Independence ... and Your Need for Connection by Rebecca Brents Modified April 8th, 2020
Full Moons are touchy. The Full Moon always occurs when the Moon is in the sign directly opposite the Sun in the Zodiac. In the sky, The Full Moon always rises in the East as The Sun se...

From EDA: Full Moon in Virgo -- Opposing the Pisces Sun by Rebecca Brents Modified March 13th, 2020
Everyday Astrology March 11, 2020 Full Moon in Virgo Full Moons are about choices. They focus attention on two distinct life areas -- for everyone -- so we all can a...

Appreciating the Full Moon by Rebecca Brents Modified March 13th, 2020
It happens every month Like The New Moon, The Full Moon every month has an exact time when it arrives -- the moment The Moon precisely opposes The Sun in the sky. Visually, The Full M...

Quick Notes on the Full Moon -- It gives you the basics and saves lots of time by Serenity Chappell Modified March 12th, 2020
It's complicated Full Moons accompany a time of complex emotions and concerns. There's often a lot going on when a Full Moon arrives ... activities, interests and commitments on the out...

* The Full Moon in Virgo Opposing the Sun in Pisces -- Balancing Your Need to Work -- and Your Need to Rest Modified March 11th, 2020
The Full Moon in Virgo The Full Moon in Virgo opposing the Sun in Pisces brings onstage the dilemma between service and solitude, the conflict between the desire to help through the wor...

The Strawberry Moon -- June's Full Moon by Celeste L. Walker Modified March 8th, 2020
The Full Moon in June In folklore, the first Full Moon in June is named the Strawberry Moon. The Old Farmer's Almanac says that's because the Algonquin Indian tribes used this as the ...

* The Full Moon in Leo Opposing The Sun in Aquarius -- Balancing Your Need for Attention -- and Your Need for Total Independence by Rebecca Brents Modified February 8th, 2020
Welcome to the Full Moon in Leo Despite the winter season, the Full Moon in Leo brings a warm, playful, charismatic energy that wants to be noticed ... one that will make an effort to s...

The Full Moon in Cancer -- Opposing the Sun in Capricorn -- Balancing Your Private and Public Lives by Rebecca Brents Modified January 10th, 2020
Family vs. Career The Full Moon in Cancer opposing the Sun in Capricorn restates the classic dilemma of home vs. career, professional life vs. private life, public responsibilities vs. ...

* Full Moon Moments -- The Sagittarius Moon Opposing The Gemini Sun -- Life's Decision Points by Rebecca Brents Modified December 12th, 2019
Choices Full Moons bring choices, a different set each month as the Sun moves around the Zodiac's circle. Choices mean embracing one set of options and releasing all the others. They be...

* The Full Moon in Aries Opposing the Sun in Libra -- Balancing Independence and Cooperation by Rebecca Brents Modified October 14th, 2019
Independence vs. Teamwork The Aries Full Moon during the sign of Libra signals a clash between your wish to be part of a couple, involved in teamwork projects, and considered "a good pa...

Full Moon Rising: Aquarius -- Do what you know ... or take your chances -- The Aquarius Moon opposing the Leo Sun by Rebecca Brents Modified August 15th, 2019
The Full Moon Rising Series Tiny essays on the meaning of The Full Moon in the different Astrology signs. What it means, what it brings, why it's important, how to work with it. Bit by bi...

* The Full Moon in Capricorn -- Opposing the Sun in Cancer -- Balancing Your Professional Responsibilities -- and Your Family Obligations by Rebecca Brents Modified July 18th, 2019
Summer's First Full Moon This opposition, which happens once every year soon after the Summer Solstice, highlights the tug-of-war between the responsibilities you have to your private l...

* The Full Moon in Scorpio -- Opposing The Sun in Taurus by Rebecca Brents Modified May 29th, 2019
What's Mine? What's Ours? The opposition between the Taurus Sun and the Scorpio Moon represents the basic division between "what's mine" and "what's ours." The energy of the Taurus Sun ...

The Buck Moon -- July's Full Moon by Celeste L. Walker Modified July 13th, 2017
July's full moon In folklore, July's first full moon is named the Buck Moon. The Old Farmer's Almanac says that's because the long-ago Indian tribes noted this as the time when the new ...

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