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Jupiter -- Speaking of Luck by Rebecca Brents Modified July 4th, 2020
Jupiter -- Astrology's symbol of luck Astrologers associate Sagittarius with luck, and point to Jupiter / Sagittarius placements, signatures and energy as indicators. Supposedly if you ...

* What Does Jupiter Represent in Your Natal Chart? -- What is it ... and why is it important? by Rebecca Brents Modified July 2nd, 2020
Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the last sign of autumn -- November 22 to December 21. Opening up your world Jupiter, colorful and immense, dwarfs the Earth by comparison. It is named for t...

Basic Stuff About Jupiter in Astrology by Serenity Chappell Modified June 22nd, 2020
Jupiter is about wide open spaces About Jupiter * Jupiter is by far the largest planet in our Solar System. It is the fifth planet from the Sun and orbits between Mars and Saturn. ...

From EDA: Jupiter by Rebecca Brents Modified June 12th, 2020
Everyday Astrology June 9, 2020 Jupiter Once people know enough Astrology to understand more than just the basic meaning of each planet, they usually drop thei...

From EDA: Jupiter in Capricorn by Rebecca Brents Modified May 24th, 2020
Everyday Astrology May 1, 2020 Jupiter in Capricorn Jupiter in Capricorn puts the planet of philosophy and higher education, the symbol of eclectic inclusion and religious p...

Transiting Mercury Square Jupiter by Rebecca Brents Modified May 15th, 2020
Everyday Astrology April 27, 2020 Mercury Square Jupiter Even more than the Sun, Jupiter is considered the most benevolent energy in the Astrological line-up. Where he exists in ...

Transiting Mars Conjunct Jupiter by Rebecca Brents Modified March 28th, 2020
Everyday Astrology March 22, 2020 Mars Conjunct Jupiter Take the energy of Mars. Pair it with Jupiter's gift for exaggeration, and you've got the potential for something exc...

* Jupiter: The Gifts of a Lifetime by Rebecca Brents Modified March 27th, 2020
Jupiter is about seeing life from The Big Picture perspective It's about values I could make a case that The Sun, The Moon, and every planetary placement in your chart are about v...

* Jupiter Retrograde -- Expanding Your Latest Creation by Rebecca Brents Modified March 27th, 2020
Jupiter's interests Jupiter represents your philosophical beliefs and ethical principles. It describes your ability to share authoritative knowledge ... the wisdom you've gained both th...

* Jupiter in General -- Your Inner Self of Expansion, Morality and Abundance by Rebecca Brents Modified March 27th, 2020
Jupiter is about expansion In Astrology, Jupiter represents your ability to expand your intellectual horizons through advanced study and travel. It widens your cultural connections by s...

Jupiter in Astrology Articles Index by Rebecca Brents Modified March 27th, 2020
This page is a work in progress. Here's what we have so far. Jupiter in Astrology Light Reading & Open Articles Basic Stuff About Jupiter in Astrology ---> About Jupiter ---> * Jupite...

Astrology Today -- Jupiter in Capricorn by Rebecca Brents Modified December 6th, 2019
Time to plant your ideas so they grow into something solid. Jupiter is in Capricorn from now until very late December 2020. Jupiter tripped over from Sagittarius into Capricorn this p...

Thoughts on Jupiter in Cancer by Rebecca Brents Modified October 16th, 2019
Homeland Prosperity Jupiter in Cancer is fixated on family issues and comfort on a personal level, patriotic issues and outright chauvinism on a grander scale. The line between pride in...

From SxS: Jupiter Oppositions by Rebecca Brents Modified October 16th, 2019
Generosity out of control Jupiter oppositions highlight hypocritical, zealous, and affected philosophical postures ... often with religious overtones and grandiose gestures regarding mo...

* Jupiter in Sagittarius -- Until December 2019 by Rebecca Brents Modified December 1st, 2018
Ok, it's time to talk about this It's a year of expansion, growth, profit, and of broadening your social and cultural horizons, perhaps more than at any other point in the past decade...

Jupiter Aries -- Promoting Your Philosophy with Passion by Rebecca Brents Modified May 7th, 2017
In astrology, all the planets, of course, represent activities, attitudes, principles, and energies at play at any given time on the human stage. Those associated with The Sun, The Moon, Me...

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