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Mercury Retrograde -- From the Blogs, Ezines & Elsewhere -- Selection 1 by Rebecca Brents Modified August 13th, 2020
Mercury Retrograde Entries from Everyday Astrology Selection 1 Everyday Astrology July 8, 2019 Mercury Retrograde Mercury has turned retrograde in Leo. It will travel back into C...

* Saturn Retrograde -- Rebuilding Your Personal Foundations by Rebecca Brents Modified July 30th, 2020
Delays ... get worse Saturn is notorious for signifying delays, and because under stress it also symbolizes limitation, restriction, and loss, many followers of astrology consider it th...

* Mercury Direct in Leo -- Mercury Direct by Rebecca Brents Modified July 7th, 2020
In today's world ... Life is rarely simple. In fact, when it is, we notice the change ... and it's usually welcome. Well, as they say, "As above, so below," -- and it works the other wa...

* Quick Notes on Mercury Retrograde by Serenity Chappell Modified July 7th, 2020
You might want to start here: Mercury Retrograde in Shadow-Mode Time to reconsider When Mercury turns retrograde, which it does about three times a year, it moves from the degree of...

* Turn Mercury Retrograde into an Inner Experience by Rebecca Brents Modified July 5th, 2020
Go inward Mercury rules all functions of the mind and all forms of transportation and physical mobility. When Mercury turns retrograde -- as is legendary in everyday experience -- the c...

* Mercury Retrograde and Shadow-Mode by Rebecca Brents Modified July 4th, 2020
The real life truth of Mercury Retrograde When Mercury turns retrograde (in any sign), look at the degrees of the Zodiac it will cover in its backward retreat. Mercury's "official" retr...

The Positive Side of Mercury Retrograde -- The Bright Side of a Pesky Problem by Rebecca Brents Modified July 3rd, 2020
Every cloud has a silver lining While the time of Mercury Retrograde can, indeed, seem like a pothole in the pathway of progress ... because of the confusion and "mis-communication" for...

* Don't Govern with Bad Intelligence -- Knowing what Mercury Retrograde Means -- And What It Means to You!! by Celeste L. Walker Modified July 2nd, 2020
One thing's for sure ... things will change When Mercury is retrograde, it's hard to make reliable decisions. You may not have all the facts you need. The facts you do have may change ....

* Venus Retrograde -- Realigning Your Values and Assets by Rebecca Brents Modified June 29th, 2020
Reassessing things of value ... Venus represents your important relationships, your important values, and the way you handle the things you value, especially material resources like mon...

* Mercury Retrograde -- A New Look at an Old Aggravation by Celeste L. Walker Modified June 24th, 2020
People know what it means A surprising number of people know the term Mercury Retrograde. More surprising, since many people aren't really "into" astrology, they have a pretty good idea...

From EDA: Venus Retrograde by Rebecca Brents Modified June 9th, 2020
Everyday Astrology May 28, 2020 Venus Retrograde Once Venus retrograde meets the conjunction with the Sun & passes behind it, she becomes the Morning Star, nestled in the dark blue to...

Pluto Retrograde -- Rebuilding in the Wake of Revolution by Rebecca Brents Modified May 14th, 2020
Pluto -- death and resurrection Pluto. If you know anything at all about the symbolism of this strange, erratic, controversial planet (which some scientists don't consider a planet at a...

* Pluto -- The Symbol of Irresistible Change by Rebecca Brents Modified May 13th, 2020
When things change ... drastically Pluto. If the idea of this planet and all its metaphorical meanings, all the things it symbolizes out in the real world, don't cause the hair to rippl...

* Jupiter Retrograde -- Expanding Your Latest Creation by Rebecca Brents Modified March 27th, 2020
Jupiter's interests Jupiter represents your philosophical beliefs and ethical principles. It describes your ability to share authoritative knowledge ... the wisdom you've gained both th...

* Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn -- Rethinking the Structures of Your Public Life Modified January 11th, 2020
Capricorn is the Winter Earth sign. Cautiously redefining your professional aims Mercury in Capricorn brings attitudes and interests that focus on your professional projects, your career...

* Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn by Rebecca Brents Modified April 25th, 2019
The long relentless break-down Transiting Pluto -- both direct and retrograde -- depicts the loooooong-term process of tearing down and improving things that are worn out, exhausted, in...

* Working with the Metaphors of Retrograde Energy by Rebecca Brents Modified March 8th, 2019
Slowing down ... or appearing to When a planet goes into retrograde -- or comes out again, it doesn't just stop on a dime and start racing at its usual speed in the opposite direction. ...

* Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius by Rebecca Brents Modified November 18th, 2018
Here are some suggestions ... and by no means an exhaustive list ... of things to do -- or at least consider -- with Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius. Rethink how you present what yo...

* It's Astro-Logical #16 -- Practical Advice for Conscious Living -- Mercury turns direct in Leo by Rebecca Brents Modified October 2nd, 2018
In today's world ... Life is rarely simple. In fact, when it is, we notice the change ... and it's usually welcome. Well, as they say, "As above, so below," -- and it works the other wa...

Venus Retrograde in Leo -- Relationships by Rebecca Brents Modified May 20th, 2017
Having barely got her toes wet in the chilly, no-nonsense territory of Virgo, Venus this year turned tail and headed straight back to the more welcoming climate of Leo. She will be retrograde ...

Venus Retrograde in Leo -- Money -- Values, Assets and 'The Real You' Modified May 18th, 2017
Love and money are hot-button topics, and in Astrology, Venus, temperamental little vixen that she is, has dominion over both. Leo is hands-down the most self-interested, self-aware sign in th...

Venus Retrograde in Virgo -- Relationships by Rebecca Brents Modified May 15th, 2017
Many relationships run on emotions more than logic, and sometimes that's a good thing. Our feelings need a vote in the connections we make and how we relate to the people we love. Our feelings...

Venus Retrograde in Virgo -- Money by Rebecca Brents Modified May 13th, 2017
There's a lot of focus on what money can buy in the way of comfort and luxuries. There seems to be a constant emphasis on scarcity. There's also focus on what money can do when pooled together...

Mercury Retrograde in Your 12th House by Rebecca Brents Modified May 11th, 2017
At the moment, you are working with some idea or opinion, something you want to share with the world that may be uniquely your own. But it's still on the drawing board being modified, enhanced...

Mercury Retrograde in Your 1st House by Rebecca Brents Modified May 11th, 2017
During this time, you will refine and refocus some important idea or opinion, reorganize some information you have, adjust some viewpoint you've developed and learn to communicate yourself to ...

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