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Transiting Sun Conjunct Uranus by Rebecca Brents Modified May 13th, 2020
Everyday Astrology April 26, 2020 Sun Conjunct Uranus When the Sun conjuncts Uranus, it sets up an interesting energy of serious restlessness, a desire for more freedom and inde...

Transiting Mars Square Uranus by Rebecca Brents Modified April 23rd, 2020
Everyday Astrology April 9, 2020 Mars Square Uranus Mars square Uranus is impatient, impulsive & hates being either delayed, forced to wait or told what to do. Thi...

Transiting Mercury Sextile Uranus by Rebecca Brents Modified March 31st, 2020
Everyday Astrology March 26, 2020 Mercury sextile Uranus Mercury sextile Uranus links your everyday mind, with its powers of observation and street-smarts, w...

Transiting Venus Conjunct Uranus by Rebecca Brents Modified March 10th, 2020
Everyday Astrology March 9, 2020 Venus Conjunct Uranus Venus conjunct Uranus brings an electric charge of novelty and excitement to the life areas touched by relationships and $$$...

Uranus -- Physics, Metaphysics and Myth -- Part 1 by Rebecca Brents Modified December 8th, 2019
Physics Uranus is the 7th planet from the Sun and the 3rd largest planet in the Solar System. It orbits the Sun between Saturn and Neptune. In fact, the discovery of Uranus led to the d...

* Uranus in General -- Your Inner Self of Ingenuity, Invention and Independence by Serenity Chappell Modified December 2nd, 2018
Freedom In Astrology, Uranus represents the urge to break free of limitations and traditions. It is an energy of awakening and enlightenment. It gives information about where you are un...

* Uranus Retrograde -- Reclaiming Your Independence by Rebecca Brents Modified August 25th, 2018
The free spirit in all of us Uranus -- the clown energy of the cosmos, the metaphor for the free spirit in all of us, the inspirational madness that can both make fools of us all and show u...

* Uranus -- Direct and Retrograde -- Discovering the Untapped Potential -- of Your Inner Genius by Rebecca Brents Modified August 5th, 2017
New levels of unique and original ... Uranus is the planet with a flair for "the unusual" ... and when it turns retrograde, that quality doubles down in spades!! Quirky behavior, sudden ...

* What Does Uranus Represent in Your Natal Chart? -- What is it ... and why is it important? by Rebecca Brents Modified August 5th, 2017
Uranus rules things that are strange, unusual or unexpected Getting to know your radical rebel Uranus is the astrological metaphor which symbolizes the part of you that is progressive, a...

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