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* About Venus -- A comprehensive list -- of random things about Venus -- in no particular order by Rebecca Brents Modified December 13th, 2018
Editor's Notes This page -- and the subsequent continuing links -- basically offer a comprehensive list of things to know and keep in mind about Venus -- what it does and what it means ...

* Venus in General -- Your Inner Selves of Resource Management and Relationships by Celeste L. Walker Modified November 23rd, 2018
Support comes in many forms According to dime-store astrology ... the kind most people know from the little booklets they buy on newstands ... Venus in Astrology rules the two alluring ...

* Venus -- Ruler of Taurus -- Ruler of Libra by Rebecca Brents Modified November 22nd, 2018
Pink is a Venus color! The Roman goddess of love and desire Venus. The Greeks called her Aphrodite. She was born of sea-foam -- and Botticelli's famous painting shows her as a fully ma...

* What Does Venus Represent in Your Natal Chart? -- What is it ... and why is it important? by Rebecca Brents Modified October 8th, 2018
Pink is a Venus color. Named for the goddess of love Venus, modestly shrouded in clouds when photographed, is named for the mythological goddess of love. It is often seen as the evening ...

* Venus Retrograde -- Realigning Your Values and Assets by Rebecca Brents Modified October 5th, 2018
Reassessing things of value ... Venus represents your important relationships, your important values, and the way you handle the things you value, especially material resources like mon...

* Your Venus Energy -- So much more than love and money by Rebecca Brents Modified August 30th, 2017
Named for the goddess of love Venus the planet, and therefore Venus in Astrology, is named for the Roman goddess of love. That's the short definition of what she symbolizes, and the min...

When Venus Is in Cancer by Rebecca Brents Modified August 4th, 2017
A time for love, home and family When Venus is in Cancer, people are sensitive, intuitive, protective, and sentimental. They look to family members and those they consider "part of the ...

Venus -- Just the Facts -- Venus and its many guises in the Zodiac by Rebecca Brents Modified August 4th, 2017
Introduction Like Mercury, your Venus energy describes two inner selves. One helps you form and manage your relationships, the other is in charge of your finances and management of mate...

Astrology At A Glance 3 -- The Venus Edition by Rebecca Brents Modified July 7th, 2017
Astrology at a Glance What does it do & why is it important? Astrology at a Glance is a Premium Members feature that examines the transits of the personal planets -- Sun, Mercury, Venu...

The View from Venus 1 -- Little things to know about Venus Modified July 7th, 2017
Always a woman Venus in Astrology is a distinctly feminine planet, representing the feminine principle in life in the way Mars represents undisguised masculinity. Thus her temperament m...

Venus -- Astrology's Symbol for Love and Money -- Deciphering the Pleasure Principle in the Horoscope by Rebecca Brents Modified July 4th, 2017
Partnership and assets Venus in astrology is about the experience of shared support and comfort. It's about pleasure and enjoyment. It's about partnership and alliances -- including mar...

About Venus in Scorpio -- Random Notes and Thoughts -- When passion colors attitudes about love and money by Rebecca Brents Modified May 28th, 2017
Venus in Scorpio shows attitudes and behavior in relationships where sexual passion is a primary ingredient, where power struggles between partners are intense, and where the desire to either ...

Venus Retrograde in Leo -- Relationships by Rebecca Brents Modified May 20th, 2017
Having barely got her toes wet in the chilly, no-nonsense territory of Virgo, Venus this year turned tail and headed straight back to the more welcoming climate of Leo. She will be retrograde ...

In the Company of the Goddess -- Venus ... the Symbol of Love in the Zodiac by Celeste L. Walker Modified May 20th, 2017
The planet Venus as a symbol in Astrology represents our sense of beauty and comfort, the way we deal with money and issues of physical support, and the way we manage our close relationships. ...

Venus Retrograde in Leo -- Money -- Values, Assets and 'The Real You' Modified May 18th, 2017
Love and money are hot-button topics, and in Astrology, Venus, temperamental little vixen that she is, has dominion over both. Leo is hands-down the most self-interested, self-aware sign in th...

Venus Retrograde in Virgo -- Relationships by Rebecca Brents Modified May 15th, 2017
Many relationships run on emotions more than logic, and sometimes that's a good thing. Our feelings need a vote in the connections we make and how we relate to the people we love. Our feelings...

Venus in Sagittarius Sun Combinations by Rebecca Brents Modified May 15th, 2017
If you have Venus in Sagittarius, by definition, your Sun is in Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Aquarius. Two of those signs, Scorpio and Capricorn, are notorious for having no sens...

Afflicted Venus in Sagittarius -- When things don't turn out well by Rebecca Brents Modified May 15th, 2017
If afflicted, Venus in Sagittarius shows blockages and problems in relationships ... such as someone who is dishonest, self-righteous, insincere, and moralizing ... with partners and in his vi...

More ... If You Have Venus in Sagittarius by Rebecca Brents Modified May 15th, 2017
More things I know if you have Venus in Sagittarius You have an attractive, inviting manner than may encourage people to fall in love with you. And you may have to fend off a lot of in...

If You Have Venus in Sagittarius -- Tidbits and Trifles by Rebecca Brents Modified May 15th, 2017
Here ... in no particular order, are the things I know ... If you have Venus in Sagittarius You value freedom in your relationships -- so much that conventional relationships are hard ...

Venus Retrograde in Virgo -- Money by Rebecca Brents Modified May 13th, 2017
There's a lot of focus on what money can buy in the way of comfort and luxuries. There seems to be a constant emphasis on scarcity. There's also focus on what money can do when pooled together...

Venus in Aries -- Love that's impossible to ignore by Rebecca Brents Modified May 7th, 2017
In Astrology, Venus symbolizes your social self. It shows your ability to form and manage relationships -- and your need for partners. It describes how you are meant to support yourself, how y...

When Venus is in Sagittarius -- Your Resource Manager and Inner Partner -- In the Sign of Philosophy and Higher Learning by Rebecca Brents Modified April 22nd, 2017
Searching for a soul-mate When Venus is in Sagittarius, people are candid, sincere, and extraordinarily fun-loving in relationships. They value fairness, integrity, benevolence, honesty...

When Venus Is in Scorpio -- Your Resource Manager and Inner Partner -- In the Sign of Fundamental Change and Improvement by Rebecca Brents Modified April 22nd, 2017
Purple is a Scorpio color. Power and passion When Venus is in Scorpio, people are passionate, controlling, and secretive in their relationships. This is an extraordinarily powerful place...

Venus Rx -- Adjusting Your Values by Rebecca Brents Modified April 17th, 2017
This Venus Retrograde cycle began March 4. It will end April 15. In its retrograde travels, Venus moved from 13° Aries back to 27° Pisces. It will be in Pisces until April 28 when ...

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