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Spiritual Sunday
August 18, 2019

by Rebecca Brents



Well, well, well. Look who's back again after an extended absence! The Hermit was pretty prevalent in some of the readings a month or so back. Then he stepped out of the spotlight. But he's decided to crash the party this week. So ... time for some more inner work!

Also, notice something interesting about the rest of the layout. We have a pair of eights ... and a pair of pages. That, too, is kind of significant. I'll have more to say about that later this week -- just as soon as I can write it up. Meanwhile, it looks like we've got some work cut out for us to tackle this week. But TBH, it also looks like fun!

This week's layout
August 18, 2019

tarot cards


This week's theme
What to expect or focus on

The Hermit = withdrawing from the world, being quiet & reserved, seeking your own spiritual wisdom

The Hermit carries the feeling of introversion, solitude, and communing with yourself. The Hermit is the spiritual seeker who is attuned primarily to his inner wisdom for guidance.

He has chosen a lifestyle that removes him from the drama and chaos of communal living and the social stir of everyday life as most people experience it. He needs the peace and quiet of a place away from distractions where he can literally hear himself think ... and contemplate what he has to say through the messages from his inner voices.

This can be seen as an act of self-healing and certainly of self-reflection. There's considerable respect for your own wisdom -- your own path -- in this choice. You've taken away the ego's drive for attention, the competitive tension that inevitably prevails in group dynamics.

You're ready to hear, develop and support your own views without appealing to or being influenced by outside opinions. The disturbance of too much input and too many choices has been banished. You're alone with the purity of your thoughts ... and your truth.

What fundamental truths does The Hermit have to share? What pieces of wisdom do you hear when you focus on your Inner Hermit ... and listen? Write down the thoughts that you know and profoundly feel apply to you and your life. Spend some time in mindful contemplation. Get to know your Inner Hermit this week.


This week's personal issue
What's happening with you

Page of Rods Rx = working with & feeling private longings to begin something new, becoming aware of a new, still developing, change in your self-image & direction

You have become aware of inner growth, changes in your sense of who you are, adjustments to your self-image. You're still processing them in private -- and haven't brought them out for public viewing yet.

Following this lead will require some different choices, different actions ... maybe a significant adjustment to your general life's trajectory. It's time to grow and reach a new level of maturity and achievement. You're not quite sure how to turn these feelings into action ... or what steps to take to bring this new self out of the shadows.

You may not even have all the information you need yet -- or the confidence that this change is one you want to make. Acting on it means taking certain steps, abandoning certain directions, projects and possibly people that have been important to you in the past. Once you make this move it will be difficult -- perhaps impossible to go back. This explains your hesitation.

But you've reached the point where some kind of change / growth is necessary -- and inevitable. Staying put and being who you are presently will soon become impossible. The decisions you face now will only become more urgent. If you need time to reassure yourself you're doing the right thing, you have a little while longer to work with this. But don't take forever -- because you don't have that.


This week's emotional issue
What's happening in your inner world

8 of Cups Rx = after leaving an unsatisfying, boring, unproductive situation (relationship, job, responsibility, project, etc.) it's time to reconnect with your creative life and find new interests to excite you

You may be at loose ends for a while after leaving a familiar situation that, nevertheless, was no longer positive or inviting. The challenge now is to discover what you need to replace that -- and where to invest your energy next. This can take some time and thought.

You're not who you were when you became involved in the situation you've abandoned. You may be facing the challenges, terrors and uncertainty of "a completely blank slate." You want to fill it with something worthwhile, productive and lasting. You don't want another of these "transition times" again anytime soon ... if you can help it.

Again, there's the feeling of "take the time you need." There's a lot of untapped potential here ... and you want to direct it as wisely as possible -- once you reach the point where you're ready to make some permanent choices. "Permanent" however, doesn't have to mean forever. It can mean "just as far as you can see ... for now." Perhaps that perspective will make it easier to deal with.


This week's intellectual issue
What's on your mind -- how to direct your thoughts

8 of Swords Rx = freedom!!, a time of liberation (and all the relief that comes with it) after a period of extended restrictions, limitations, obligation and bondage.

This card may show you've broken away from long-term responsibilities, obligations, commitments and burdens that only became increasingly intolerable. Still, the choice to leave may not have been easy. It things hadn't been "complicated," the break would have come a lot sooner. Breaking up the status quo threatened to cause even more misery than keeping it together.

The change may not have been entirely your doing. But you're the one who was liberated by it. True, you may have finally gotten fed up and walked away -- regardless of the consequences. Or something else finally intervened. Either way, things have changed and the situation is moving again -- instead of this interminable stalemate.

That brings new challenges for you to handle, of course, but at least the outcome they produce will be different. Even if they're difficult and scary, you may honestly welcome the change. If this break hasn't happened yet, it's time to find the door -- and walk through it.


This week's practical issue
How to take care of yourself

Page of Pentacles = being involved with new financial prospects, new business opportunities, new ways to acquire and use assets and possessions, doing something constructive, learning a new level of practical strategies and behaviors.

It's time to start working on a new level of material prosperity, one that will let you adopt a different lifestyle and welcome more abundance -- eventually. Remember, this level is development is just beginning. It will take it a while to mature and show results.

Of course, this kind of a change means you must adopt a different way of thinking -- especially about work, money and the value of your talents. You need a different perspective on yourself.

You need to work more efficiently (and for your own benefit) with the assets you have developed. Investing them differently may (or may not) bring you better rewards ... more in line with your quality and merit. But here's the invitation to at least start working in that direction. The next step is up to you.


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