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The Tarot is a powerful aid in helping a reader access the contents of his or her subconscious mind ... which is itself a tantalizing asset, with exceptional access into possibilities of the future, the realm of things not yet visible, and the levels of creation where reality and time as we know them are being formed.

No wonder the Tarot is considered mysterious, magic, mystical, and miraculous. It is a tool with extraordinary dimensions, made more compelling by the depth and discernment of the mind using it. That's where the magic really happens ... which explains why some readers are consistently better than others, and why even the great ones can sometimes have an off day.

But in the end, the Tarot is still a tool, a channel to assist in gaining insight and self-improvement. As such, despite its many virtues, it also has limitations. In its design it can perform some things brilliantly, often with spooky accuracy and breath-taking insight. Yet, there are things it simply is not meant to do.

Talking Tarot
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  tarot articles  Talking Tarot  


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