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Your Astrological Update for August 20, 2017
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Leo Moonglow

full moon

Where is the Moon today?

The Moon is in Leo. When The Moon is in Leo, the prevailing mood is self-confident and creative. It invites you to be playful, fun-loving ... even romantic. Whatever it takes to enjoy yourself!

But it can easily become too self-involved -- too much of a show-off. So you do have to keep an eye on boundaries ... to know when you've stopped being entertaining and started making a spectacle of yourself.


Leo Moonlight

Leo's symbol is the lion.

Is your Natal Moon in Leo?

Moon in Leo natives have wonderful leadership instincts, natural executive abilities, and are always willing to take charge of a situation that needs management and direction -- although, truth be told, they enjoy the attention much more than the responsibility. ... continue


Sunrise Services



Eclipses: A Celestial Show in Light and Shadow
The User-Friendly Version

lunar eclipse

A celestial sensation

Eclipses have long been viewed with wariness and caution. They are, for certain, visually impressive events. If you ever have the chance to see one, it's worth the effort. But if you missed the latest one, never fear. There will be others! ... continue


Born with the Sun in Leo
The Leo Character

lion cub

The Zodiac's Constant Kid

A Leo soul is a true showman, celestial royalty, the undeniable star of the Zodiac. He can be a delightful mix of youthful exuberance, playfulness, enthusiasm and joy ... like a real-life Peter Pan, the kid who refuses to grow up. ... continue


When The Sun Is in Leo

The symbol for Leo is the Lion.

Leo energy

When the Sun is in Leo, prepare for a month of true joy. People turn to activities and interests they really love. They use their energy to support their egos. They want to be noticed; they need to show off!! ... continue


Horoscopes During Leo


This month you are pleasantly invited to do the things you love, enjoy some R&R -- and maybe a little romance, have fun, and just be a kid again. It's time to let your Inner Child out to play, dust off your creative talents, and put yourself onstage by being as much of a show-off as you can manage. ... continue


Changing Times / Changing Signs
Forecast for the Sun's transit of Leo 2017

Astrology chart

Your life is your art

Your creative skills and talents are in the spotlight for the next 4+ weeks. What pieces of yourself are you ready to develop and put on display? What artistic efforts, pet projects or brain-children are up for a public showing?

What are you working on that has your fingerprints, your personality, your special style all over it? Where do you want respect, attention and applause? How are you looking to shine? Which of your special gifts need promotion? ... continue


Solar Power


The Sun rules Leo and the natural 5th House.

The Sun rules the Zodiac sign Leo and natural 5th House. In plain English, this means the qualities and attributes The Sun represents are closely aligned -- virtually indistinguishable from -- those associated with the sign Leo ... and closely associated with interests of the 5th House in a Natal Chart ... regardless of the actual sign on that house cusp. ... continue


Solar Flares

The Gifts of the Sun in Leo
  • The energy of the Sun in Leo is proud, dramatic and flamboyant.
  • It encourages self-confidence ... and supports your efforts to attract attention.
  • It brings extra focus to your creative talents, your desire for applause and approval, and your willingness to take a risk and have fun.


When the Sun is in Leo

  • Launch projects that show off your special talents
  • Spend more time on things you love to do
  • Emphasize the romantic side of life
  • Improve relationships with your children



evening with ice



gibbous moon


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The Lunar Light

The Moon Position Presently Indicates:
You feel restless, irritable and ready for a lot more freedom. But family connections, responsibilities at home and your desire for the security of well-known surroundings keep you from throwing caution to the wind ... even though they are part of the reason you feel so tied down and fenced in.

The Next Lunar Aspect Will Be:
The Moon in Leo Sextile Jupiter in Libra on Sun 20th of Aug 2017 at 9:32 pm MDT

The Moon Will Be Void of Course:
from Mon 21st of Aug 2017 at 12:30 pm MDT until it enters Virgo on Mon 21st of Aug 2017 at 2:25 pm MDT

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